Street performer Super Site set for April 18th Launch


The first of its kind site for street busking performers will be launched by the Busking Project in 2 days.

Featuring web sites for performers and online marketing  the site will serve the needs of performers everywhere. Launched 9 months ago the Busking Project has begun the process of documenting the talent available on the streets of the world. Now they want to take it to the nest level with more opportunities for buskers to make a living with their art.busqr“BUSQR”
Next up, the Busking Project has joined forces with a unique new mobile web service created especially for buskers.  Busqr uses QR code technology to bridge the gap between your street performance and the power of e-commerce and social media by providing you with a custom mobile optimised website that your audience can visit while they watch you perform!  With Busqr you can:

a) accept online payments via Paypal, iTunes or your webshop
b) capture new fans through your social media and mailing list
c)  be a part of a growing community of like-minded professional street artists.

All while you’re doing your thing in the street!  Curious?  Visit now to sign up to the mailing list and receive an InfoSheet explaining exactly how the service works and how valuable it can be for you!

This is just a taste of what the Busking Project is up to