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Only If My #Water Is Blue – Improv Eco Song From Street Musician. Here is a song she wrote on the spot for the *140,000 Love Songs For The Planet* project. Pearl Street Boulder Colorado. Submit your environmental song at VoxErth.net to help protect our sweet biosphere.

Video; Genji Buskers – “Apokalips”, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur crew on world stage

Genji Buskers – Apokalips

Ezwan Rohman·released a series of new videos from his new busking project on the Ezwan Rohman· YouTube channel. Ezwan not only posts video on YouTube but also busks for a living and in this video he is performing with the Genji Buskers and some other local musicians. He is the one singing and playing the guitar left-handed. The Genji Buskers is one of 3 bands that Ezwan Rohman·busks with. His latest video release project focuses on his bands and their music. In the last month he has released 8 new videos. Apokalips is video number 6. Apokalips is a song written by Singapore born, Malaysian legendary singer/songwriter M.Nasir. He was also a busker in the 80’s before he formed a rock band of his own.

And what about the Genji Buskers and the other musicians performing in the video Ezwan says “all of the people in the video are friends and buskers . some of them are from other groups but we think that merging all the groups together for a short session would be more interesting . Some just playing along with us and trying to fit in the music that we play…”

When asked about the language in the song, he speaks of his city Kuala Lumpur, “The language is called Malay. Malaysian are the people ( which consists of Malay , Chinese and Indian .And what is the song about?  “The song is mainly about self-consciousness about life , karma and everyday feelings . Sometimes we’re up , sometimes we’re down . roughly its about that , i can’t explain it thoroughly as the songwriter applies classic Malay literature to all of his songs”,

Here is the video performed by M.Nasir. You can read the words and pick up a little of the meaning from the few English words in the song. Video posted by Mai Lanun Mai Lanun

In Kuala Lumpur quality street performing is encouraged, licenses are easy to get so everyone who performs on the street has one. However as with anywhere busking is a risky profession. Ezwan has been street performing since 2010 when he called it quits with his job at the bank to pursue street performing and music full-time. Now he hopes to make a living by creating and sharing what he loves. The Genji Buskers and Ezwan Rohman will be performing in the World Art Games this year in Croatia in June.

Malaysian Music from Genji Buskers

A series of videos from street performer and video channel Ezwan Rohman Ezwan Rohman is on YouTube released late last week and the results are worth checking out. The video Genji Busker ft Bob Aizad ( Alam Busker ) – Teman Pengganti is a pop rock piece that you wish you could hear better and look forward to a studio recording and who knows perhaps you might get that someday. . The other songs on the YouTube channel are all fresh, alive with each piece generating an original sound full of talent. Check out the vocal in this video. It is hard to hear but what you do hear sounds great.

Marcia Mello, Atlantic Public Media, Audio Profile

WCAI a public radio station in the Cape Cod area put together a great radio segment about a local busker in P Town. CHECK IT OUT

Pro Buskers Fave Gabriel Royal

Pro Buskers thinks that Gabriel Royal is one of the best Street performers in Brooklyn. Check out his video from last year.

Coventry’s own David Fisher

Coventry shows why once again it has a solid lineup of music and performing talent on the streets everyday. Our videographer in Coventry leon leon leon leon·posted this video last month of David Fisher singing Solsbury Hill

Tasmanian Howler Claire Taylor new audio

On March 30 we reported that Claire Taylor was a winner in Byron Bay Australia.

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Now a new recording of her Tasmanian Howl vocal style shows why she is such a hit and will soon be headlining all over the world.

Clare TaylorCheck out this amazing audio recently recorded at a secret place, shown in this picture. It was just posted on http://blogs.abc.net.au We have cleverly titled it; to-air-claire-taylor-Buskerfest-winner-ByronBay-TasmaniaVoice

mmmm Hey look out Passenger and Bieber. this artist is heading your way.