Artist Nathan Sharratt; Street Art For a Rainy Day

Art you can see when it rains.

This video of a rain drawing by Atlanta artist Nathan Sharratt using NeverWet, gives you a good idea how spraying a stencil on a sidewalk or other wet surface creates words and images that can only be seen when wet.Will we see a more of this in the rainy winter months?


Gabrielle Graves

Gabrielle Graves and the band
We made a new discovery in Santa Monica on Thursday.
This is an original song called from her newly recorded CD titled “Hold On”
To purchase the CD and learn more about Gabrielle Graves visit her site

Live from Hollywood

The Stars of the Show on our first live broadcast on Street I am TV was An Ivy League Summer” one of the best groups you will have an opportunity to see on the streets this year. Be sure to catch them in action by checking their schedule on their Facebook Page.The broadcast  took place on July 10th this year and is planned to be only the first of many more. We will also be doing live broadcasts from the beach Pasadena and Universal Studios CityWalk

An Ivy League Summer” performs their original song on Hollywood Blvd

Here as some other takes from our broadcast.

A short interview and slice of the life of the Incredible Hulk costumed character on Hollywood Blvd.

Street I Am TV Ashtray bangs the buckets live Street I Am TV

On our first performance of our first broadcast from the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ashtray beats out a rhythm on the buckets as he does almost every day on Hollywood Blvd CA. Special shout out and thanks to Ashtray for giving out first upload his special touch.
to contact Ashtray you can email him at

#Ecological #Song From #Street #Musician

Only If My #Water Is Blue – Improv Eco Song From Street Musician. Here is a song she wrote on the spot for the *140,000 Love Songs For The Planet* project. Pearl Street Boulder Colorado. Submit your environmental song at to help protect our sweet biosphere.

#Scotiabank #BuskerFest announces Lineup

Dream State Circus, an Aussie/English duo, Sophie and Jacob McGrath. “If people see something with their own eyes then they beleive it is possible, one of my greatest joys is expanding people’s minds.” -Jacob 2007

Germany’s CANDYman

 John Eicke John Eicke·

Charlie Caper, Sweden Winner – Sweden’s Got Talent 2009
2nd Price – World Championship of Magic,
Parlour Magic 2009

USA Break Dancers


Reka One; New Video

Street Art Blog@streetartblog let everyone know on twitter today of the  great video from Reka One the blog by UK street artist James Reka

The video gives us a glimpse  into his process of finding discarded objects. He finds them in alleys on the ground and behind or around the outer walls of many an edifice, Then he turns them into objects d art. Some of them are not used in the piece itself but serve as inspiration for that piece.

the short documentary was filmed in London in collaboration with itdrewitself and Verynearlyalmost.

Video; Genji Buskers – “Apokalips”, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur crew on world stage

Genji Buskers – Apokalips

Ezwan Rohman·released a series of new videos from his new busking project on the Ezwan Rohman· YouTube channel. Ezwan not only posts video on YouTube but also busks for a living and in this video he is performing with the Genji Buskers and some other local musicians. He is the one singing and playing the guitar left-handed. The Genji Buskers is one of 3 bands that Ezwan Rohman·busks with. His latest video release project focuses on his bands and their music. In the last month he has released 8 new videos. Apokalips is video number 6. Apokalips is a song written by Singapore born, Malaysian legendary singer/songwriter M.Nasir. He was also a busker in the 80’s before he formed a rock band of his own.

And what about the Genji Buskers and the other musicians performing in the video Ezwan says “all of the people in the video are friends and buskers . some of them are from other groups but we think that merging all the groups together for a short session would be more interesting . Some just playing along with us and trying to fit in the music that we play…”

When asked about the language in the song, he speaks of his city Kuala Lumpur, “The language is called Malay. Malaysian are the people ( which consists of Malay , Chinese and Indian .And what is the song about?  “The song is mainly about self-consciousness about life , karma and everyday feelings . Sometimes we’re up , sometimes we’re down . roughly its about that , i can’t explain it thoroughly as the songwriter applies classic Malay literature to all of his songs”,

Here is the video performed by M.Nasir. You can read the words and pick up a little of the meaning from the few English words in the song. Video posted by Mai Lanun Mai Lanun

In Kuala Lumpur quality street performing is encouraged, licenses are easy to get so everyone who performs on the street has one. However as with anywhere busking is a risky profession. Ezwan has been street performing since 2010 when he called it quits with his job at the bank to pursue street performing and music full-time. Now he hopes to make a living by creating and sharing what he loves. The Genji Buskers and Ezwan Rohman will be performing in the World Art Games this year in Croatia in June.

Street Performers No Longer Beggars in Shanghai China

Yesterday they were beggars but now Shanghai will see how it works out classifying them as artists.

If they do not like the result of awarding artists the status of artists then you can expect to see them be beggars again in a year or two. It is probably not really for the Chinese anyway the whole point is to cater to the foreigners in Shanghai who presently fuel a lot of the economy there

READ CHINA DAILY. COM Video by Alejandro Saucedo Alejandro Saucedo·