Pro Lifers rally in 50 U.S. Cities Today

Pro Lifers rally in 50 U.S. Cities Today

Protesters say unborn must be protected
Pro-Life Power Shown in Rallies Across Americapro-life-rally-07-28-15
 Rally Videos

    1. Women Betrayed Rally in Concord on July 28, 2015

by Tony Schinella Prolife activists and others held a rally at the Statehouse on July 28, 2015, as part of the national Women Betrayed rallies in the …

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Afghanistan street art culture; NATO US pt2

Afghanistan street art culture; NATO US pt2

NATO US Forces, street culture connection

What is now and what’s next on Afghan streets   —
Locals and foreigners instigating new creativity  –

As we learned in our first article when NATO and the US left Iraq, the artists left the streets. NATO US Street Art Connection Kabul & Baghdad  In this article, we focus our attention on the current creative juices in Afghanistan. It looks like the…

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Hong Kong and Lafayette street art culture clash

Hong Kong and Lafayette street art culture clash

Street art politics in the news   —

Two stories of creation and destruction of street art in Hong Kong and Lafayette. Played out for two different reasons.. But the questions being raised are the same.

Commentary ; Focus on culture and government  –

Everyone in Hong Kong China and Lafayette Indiana, asks, whose culture is it and who decides? Street art once again appears along vital social fault…

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Electric Street Art or maybe Pier Art

Some people may not consider this real authentic street art but I do so I decided it should go up on the web that way.
I think it would be amazing to include this element in a wide variety of public exhibitions.
This is the Santa Monica Pier, roller coaster and Ferris Wheel, CA, US.


Gabrielle Graves

Gabrielle Graves and the band
We made a new discovery in Santa Monica on Thursday.
This is an original song called from her newly recorded CD titled “Hold On”
To purchase the CD and learn more about Gabrielle Graves visit her site

Livecast Highlights from August 8th Venice Beach

On the 8th of August we broadcast street performers live from Southern California on Venice Beach The first performer we saw as we walked along the Ocean Front walk was Dalila

Contact Dalila at

Then we found local musical genius Nathan who offers no contact info but is across from the Sidewalk Cafe almost everyday

The last performer we found was Randy Rivers whose contact info we will try to obtain soon Join us every Thursday at 3pm Pacific time US for Street I Am live


The day after the horrendous murder by a deranged man driving into the people on Venice beach that killed an Italian tourist on her honeymoon and injured 11 others, the Venice Beach band Street Smart inspires us with Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.

Street Smart is lead with power and conviction by Peter Demian on guitar and vocal and features the world-class talent of world-famous Venice Beach street musician Nathan on the piano and Louie Garcia on drums.

\Peter Demian  hails from Canada and has been playing on Venice Beach for 25 years. On a good day he  will bring in somewhere in the neighborhood of of 60 to 80 dollars. In Ontario Canada when he first started out he played with Paul Shaffer now on the Letterman show and opened for many of the great pop bands of the 60’s and seventies such as the Who and others. He moved to the US living and playing in Detroit and Canada for a time before settling in Venice Beach and playing for visitors from all over the world.

Nathan is considered by many who know him to be a virtuoso possible genius who has been playing since early childhood and freely mixes classical jazz and rock almost simultaneously. He has played in many bands and done many gigs including a tour with the 60’s psychedelic rock band Iron Butterfly well known for their hit “In A Godda Da Vida”
Mr Demian’s contact info is his cell phone

Live from Hollywood

The Stars of the Show on our first live broadcast on Street I am TV was An Ivy League Summer” one of the best groups you will have an opportunity to see on the streets this year. Be sure to catch them in action by checking their schedule on their Facebook Page.The broadcast  took place on July 10th this year and is planned to be only the first of many more. We will also be doing live broadcasts from the beach Pasadena and Universal Studios CityWalk

An Ivy League Summer” performs their original song on Hollywood Blvd

Here as some other takes from our broadcast.

A short interview and slice of the life of the Incredible Hulk costumed character on Hollywood Blvd.

Street I Am TV Ashtray bangs the buckets live Street I Am TV

On our first performance of our first broadcast from the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ashtray beats out a rhythm on the buckets as he does almost every day on Hollywood Blvd CA. Special shout out and thanks to Ashtray for giving out first upload his special touch.
to contact Ashtray you can email him at

Lexington-Fayette KY Welcoming Street Music

Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government regulations warmly welcome live music to the streets. Recently during the Lexington Area Music Alliance Best of Bluegrass week, this was on display in grand style. The event featured live bluegrass music in strategic locations all around downtown.

Now a lot of influential folks there are suggesting that businesses be encouraged to help bring more music to the streets on a regular basis. It seems everyone is finding out that there are a lot of great music talent in the area and it will help bring more people to the area if it is allowed to have more expression.

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