Undercover NY went Global

    “What If Undercover New York went global?”

   Taking you’re own blog, (one you’ve been building and building for years) and making it global is what (blog) dreams are made of.  Finding the time, resources, and means to take a collection of your interests from your bedroom to the world is a big deal. It’s like you need to be unemployed and have a bottomless pocket to make it somewhere in that field.  Or maybe you just need the drive.

    Nick Broad approached his friends Chris Smith and Belle Crawford with an idea and it turned into their lives.  The next year wasn’t only devoted to street performers in the city of New York, but about a buck fifty and change worth of other cities.  The new team went on to research where the world’s best street performance venues were and that ended up taking them to forty destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and South America.   

   With a budget to keep them going for 300 days, they set out on their blogging voyage on March 9, 2011, calling it The Busking Project.  Aiming to create an archive of street performers, their lives, motivations and experiences from around the world.  

   The journey has taken their team across four continents, through a 150 hours of performances and has transformed a mere idea to a way of life.  Praise is coming in from all over the world and they have brought undercover performers to the forefront.  Lets see where they can go from here.




In their ongoing effort to improve the opportunities for and the public’s awareness of Street Performers worldwide, The Busking Project has released a new documentary called Permits and Prejudice.

Who is The Busking Project?

Who are we? TBP is a complex plan to take over the world. It has already started, with you and the hundreds of buskers we’ve filmed over the last few years. By building a presence on street corners in every major city, we’re spreading the same message everywhere: go outside, meet your neighbors, have fun, enjoy the show.”

For more information check out their website