Crazy Boy Towed by Motor Bike

Crazy Boy Towed by Motor Bike

The Dare Devil in this video must remain anonymous. Not even the licence plate on the scooter can be revealed in this video due to the many infractions of law as the governments feels it must protect us all from ourselves. This young dare-devil will not be deterred.

But what about safety?

The best part about being a Young Daredevil…

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Bear Trap Graffiti House and Public Performence Venue, Venice Beach

Learn More about the Hip Hoppin Bear Trap Entertainment company
Here is some news from Venice 311 March of this year, with a comment from one of the groups members.

300,000 expected for #Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann

The Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann street festival promises to be an exceptional experience and a one of a kind, world class event, celebrating traditional Irish music on the streets of Derry, Londonderry, UK this August. The atendance will be so huge that they are thinking of deciding to close the busy Shipquay Street, Waterloo Place, Guildhall Square and the quay


#Chinese #Street #Musician Remembered

Chinese Peoples Daily pays tribute today to Hua Yanjun, a street musician credited with with writing one of the saddest songs in all of China. Before he died, he recorded it for posterity on a borrowed erhu and pipa by a musicologist with a crude recording machine in 1950.


#Scotiabank #BuskerFest announces Lineup

Dream State Circus, an Aussie/English duo, Sophie and Jacob McGrath. “If people see something with their own eyes then they beleive it is possible, one of my greatest joys is expanding people’s minds.” -Jacob 2007

Germany’s CANDYman

 John Eicke John Eicke·

Charlie Caper, Sweden Winner – Sweden’s Got Talent 2009
2nd Price – World Championship of Magic,
Parlour Magic 2009

USA Break Dancers


Granville Island Future; Great performers or lost culture?

Those who have been writing about the future of Granville Island in Vancouver Canada lately fear that the hyper rules regime being enforced in Vancouver will amount to the loss of a way of life and culture that comprise some of the most attractive aspects of resident and visitor experience there. But will travelers, talent and culture enthusiasts see better busking as a result, or will great street performers be lost to the tastes of those, only interested in enforcing their idea of quality?

Autistic Vancouver busker practising hard to best strict new Granville Island rulesToday we learn that one of the islands most famous buskers Keegan Chen, who was rejected by the audition panel set up to approve performer licenses there, is practicing very hard to make the cut at his next audition.



Somerville Festiville, Arts

Festiville, Arts

Somerville which was the site earlier this year (READ OUR ARTICLE) of a contentious battle between city officials and street performers is holding their inaugural street festival this weekend. With a new agreement between buskers and the city of Somerville all concerned are ready to make Festiville, Arts an amazing success.

Main Street in downtown Somerville on Saturday, May 18th will be closed to traffic and serve as the stage for a merry-go-round of family-friendly street performers that have dazzled crowds far and wide at street fairs, festivals, circuses, amusement parks, theaters and late-night television.