Introducing Tony Scott – Progression Over Degeneration

Introducing Tony Scott – Progression Over Degeneration

” Humans evolve through challenge ” Eckhart TolleAnthony-scott-1

I knew from a very young age that Music was My calling. I just had a magnetic pull towards it. Hearing Bob Dylan for the first time is one of My most vivid memories. I knew it was something I wanted to be able to do.
As a teenager I practised a lot . It was always a struggle working all day and trying to put in 4 hours practice daily. Then there was…

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Anthony Scott, Birmingham Busker Moving Up

Anthony Scott, Birmingham Busker Moving Up

The Discord Dissipates  and the Music Remains

– Anthony Scott wants all of his fans to know that the music goes on. The learning experience of the last 6 weeks is fueling his creative juices and performance energy, even as we speak. Here is our report 6 weeks ago based on an article in the Birmingham Mail.

Birmingham Busker turf war defames Tony Scott

anthony scott - Birmingham Busker turf war defames Tony ScottHard life leads to hard words – In May…

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Buskers Best videos 11-23-15

Buskers Best videos 11-23-15

Look what we found today

It seems Buskers Best videos 11-23-15 picked a good day to go busker hunting.

Buskers Best videos 11-23-15 Featured YouTube Videographer

This channel has some good talent to share/ These first Malaysia buskers sound are very smooth.

 – Busker kl(1) Buskers Best videos 11-23-15 - kogree nyiur kogree nyiur

Here is another one from kogree nyiur.


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5 Stories Trending Today 11-11-15

5 Stories Trending Today 11-11-15

5 Stories getting most reads

Veterans, buskers and graffiti vandals were among the Top 5 stories you were interested in today

How to watch the 2015 Veterans Day Parade live

5 stories How to watch the 2015 Veterans Day Parade live

NEW YORK — PIX11 will air and stream live America’s Parade Wednesday afternoon to honor the service and personal sacrifice of our veterans. PIX11 will provide full coverage of the parade from 12-3pm, on-site from Fifth…

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Busking content control sought by Dublin officials

Busking content control sought by Dublin officials

Street Entertainment Enterprise Districts

The creative arts is not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word government official. So why should they control busking content or public creative expression. Government should protect us from dangers to personal life and property only.

busking content Bono Busks On Grafton Street

Freedom of Expression and Busking Content

At this time the Grafton Street mercantile interests are…

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Living Statue buskers deliver moving moments

Living Statue buskers deliver moving moments

 – Statues of Savagery, Spectacle, and Surprise

– Your average living statue can be quite a moving experience thing these days. Observe these examples.

 – When statues go bad

Living statues may look docile, but don’t push them.

Living Statue takes liberty: The shocking moment a Times Square street performer ‘comes to life’ when he kicks thief in the FACE for attempting to rob his pot of money


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Busker Laws Evolving in 7 Culture Capitals

Busker Laws Evolving in 7 Culture Capitals

 – Busker laws in U.S. cities tighten up

 –  Four U.S. cities revisiting their busker laws. The goal is to organize without inhibiting first amendment rights. Two cities are embracing busking and creating ways to optimize the street performers presence.

Fremont Street “Performance Zones”

OCTOBER 25, 2015 BY (EDIT)

busker laws Fremont Street “Performance Zones”

Fremont Street Experience file photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images…

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Buskers Best Videos 10-11-15 World Streets

Buskers Best Videos 10-11-15 World Streets

Buskers Best Videos 10-11-15 -

Seoul, New York City, Australia, London, Germany

Buskers Best Videos 10-11-15 start out in Germany with a strong ready for prime time street performer who hails from Australia. Listen to her rock the park with this song.

Prita Grealy – Secret – Buskers Best Videos 10-11-15 The Rolling Mic  The Rolling Mic

Prita is traveling around the…

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