Crazy Boy Towed by Motor Bike

Crazy Boy Towed by Motor Bike

The Dare Devil in this video must remain anonymous. Not even the licence plate on the scooter can be revealed in this video due to the many infractions of law as the governments feels it must protect us all from ourselves. This young dare-devil will not be deterred.

But what about safety?

The best part about being a Young Daredevil…

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Kobani Syria and Street Art in Beriut

Kobani Syria and Street Art in Beriut

Kobani to Beirut and ISIS culture war   —
ISIS – A controversial contribution to culture  –

Why is the battle for at Kobani in Syria, considered so important to so many? Partly because the Kurdish culture is in opposition theoretically to that of the ISIS, or ISIL  (if you prefer) theocracy. Also of course, because the Kurds are the only culture in the area with a military strong enough to delay…

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Kiev Kops storm street camp – We reflect on the culture

Kiev Kops storm street camp – We reflect on the culture

Kiev in turmoil, many fear Russia
Ukraine fears forced cultural and economic isolation from Europe
Remembering Ukrainian culture through its street art and street performance

kievAs of this writing all is confused in Kiev. 14 are dead now.  The people in the streets try to gain as much control of the reins of government before the end of the Olympics in Sochi. That is when the opposition forces of…

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Gabrielle Graves

Gabrielle Graves and the band
We made a new discovery in Santa Monica on Thursday.
This is an original song called from her newly recorded CD titled “Hold On”
To purchase the CD and learn more about Gabrielle Graves visit her site


The day after the horrendous murder by a deranged man driving into the people on Venice beach that killed an Italian tourist on her honeymoon and injured 11 others, the Venice Beach band Street Smart inspires us with Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.

Street Smart is lead with power and conviction by Peter Demian on guitar and vocal and features the world-class talent of world-famous Venice Beach street musician Nathan on the piano and Louie Garcia on drums.

\Peter Demian  hails from Canada and has been playing on Venice Beach for 25 years. On a good day he  will bring in somewhere in the neighborhood of of 60 to 80 dollars. In Ontario Canada when he first started out he played with Paul Shaffer now on the Letterman show and opened for many of the great pop bands of the 60’s and seventies such as the Who and others. He moved to the US living and playing in Detroit and Canada for a time before settling in Venice Beach and playing for visitors from all over the world.

Nathan is considered by many who know him to be a virtuoso possible genius who has been playing since early childhood and freely mixes classical jazz and rock almost simultaneously. He has played in many bands and done many gigs including a tour with the 60’s psychedelic rock band Iron Butterfly well known for their hit “In A Godda Da Vida”
Mr Demian’s contact info is his cell phone

11 Year old needs votes; #Cambridge #Busking #Festival

The Cambridge Busking Festival is next week end and Tom Roddis is hoping that you will show up and give him a nod.It won’t be the 11-year-olds first performance in the city, having performed in the Grand Arcade as part of the venue’s fifth birthday celebrations and more recently played at the Saffron Walden Jubilee Gardens charity music festival in May.

He has busked a few times in Cambridge and received… READ MORE

Toronto Elm Grove Street Party Tomorrow

The annual Elm Grove Street Party, a celebration of the south Parkdale neighborhood, will take place on June 22 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. rain or shine. All along Elm Grove, just west of Dufferin Street, there will be live music, arts and crafts for sale, Tibetan handcrafts…


300,000 expected for #Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann

The Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann street festival promises to be an exceptional experience and a one of a kind, world class event, celebrating traditional Irish music on the streets of Derry, Londonderry, UK this August. The atendance will be so huge that they are thinking of deciding to close the busy Shipquay Street, Waterloo Place, Guildhall Square and the quay