Shrewsbury Hold Big Busk To Remember Busker Ben Bebbington

Shrewsbury Hold Big Busk To Remember Busker Ben Bebbington

Ben Bebbington was described as a free spirit and a man of poetry

A busker well known to the Shreswsbury area. He touched the lives of many people with his music.
Ben Bennington the murdered busker 43Last September he was beaten to death by two thugs for no apparent reason other than mindless violence. A very tragic story ending in 16 and 14 year jail terms for the two killers.

Event Honors  the Talented Street Entertainer


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Busking News Week Jan 23-30 2016

Busking News Week Jan 23-30 2016

Busking stories that are important –
Busking News week Jan 23-30 2016 - Buskers bring an ambiance to film festival week

James Miska and Genevieve Smith, known as the duo Wing & Claw, play for film festival goers on Main Street.

Some of them are important to Street I Am for a bunch of different reasons. Some are important to big press for political reasons. We will try to sort it all out.

Festivals in Busking News Week Jan 23-30 2016

First, 2 stories on 2 festivals that are…

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