Live from Hollywood

The Stars of the Show on our first live broadcast on Street I am TV was An Ivy League Summer” one of the best groups you will have an opportunity to see on the streets this year. Be sure to catch them in action by checking their schedule on their Facebook Page.The broadcast  took place on July 10th this year and is planned to be only the first of many more. We will also be doing live broadcasts from the beach Pasadena and Universal Studios CityWalk

An Ivy League Summer” performs their original song on Hollywood Blvd

Here as some other takes from our broadcast.

A short interview and slice of the life of the Incredible Hulk costumed character on Hollywood Blvd.

Street I Am TV Ashtray bangs the buckets live Street I Am TV

On our first performance of our first broadcast from the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ashtray beats out a rhythm on the buckets as he does almost every day on Hollywood Blvd CA. Special shout out and thanks to Ashtray for giving out first upload his special touch.
to contact Ashtray you can email him at

Andrew Potter Fringe Festival Hollywood Interview

OK it’s 1980


Where do you go when you graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a BA; major in English Lit; and you want to enjoy a profitable adventure?  Well if you are Andrew Potter you learn to juggle fire. Then you move to the city of San Francisco, CA, US, create the High Street Circus, work out some heart stopping routines with your college buddy, take up residence in a beer vat at the old Hamm’s (The Beer Refreshing) factory, get yourself on stage busking then travel the world.

Since most people these days or any other days, would not pursue that kind of road to high street, which interestingly enough is the name of Andrew Potter’s new stage production “The Road To High Street”, it makes a person want to ask; Who is Andrew Potter? And what kind of person would do that?

In this video interview recorded after one of his scheduled appearances at the Fringe Festival in Hollywood, we decided to seek the answers to questions not revealed in the theater production.Iru Streetiam Iru Streetiam

Now in the final stages of development, “The Road to High Street” is being fully realized as Andrew Potter takes the show across the nation.  If you would like to make your participation a part of the final production, then enjoy a unique audience experience at a theater near you.

Tickets still available for The Road To High Street at the P_1_i_2202462 

Lana and Callum Domeney New Canadian Buskers

The sister act duo seems to be starting out in Warringah at a good time too. Buskers One of their first performances netted them $70

Warringah Council is investigating promoting busking as a way of invigorating its town centres.

Cr Vanessa Moskal said there was a growing appreciation for the arts and a busking policy could help.

“To have a busking policy, like neighbouring regions, supports cultural activation in Warringah – and we’re an area already well known for producing great talent,” she said.

Buskers do not need a permit in Warringah. READ MORE

Young singer Lana said they would like more opportunities to busk.

Sweet Street Performing in Truckee CA

When the Best Pies store let an ex-employee donate an old stand up piano for people to play the creative keyboard community joined in. Soon the street outside the pie shop was filled with local talent tinkling the ivories. Now the local High School band often shows up to busk for money for the school.

Amy Edgett / Sierra Sun<br />
Ryan Taylor spreads a little ivory love in Truckee with Thick Newton. He also jams with Terraplane, and will play the Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co. anniversary party, also a Tahoe City fireworks fundraiser June 2, noon-6 p.m. The funky piano looks like a throwback from the gold rush pioneer days celebrated to tourists who pass through while taking in their Sierra Nevada Mountain travel Holiday so it fits right in with the scene. But of course not everyone is happy. To some people street music is still only noise. READ MORE IN THE TAHOE DAILY TRIBUNE.

Video; Genji Buskers – “Apokalips”, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur crew on world stage

Genji Buskers – Apokalips

Ezwan Rohman·released a series of new videos from his new busking project on the Ezwan Rohman· YouTube channel. Ezwan not only posts video on YouTube but also busks for a living and in this video he is performing with the Genji Buskers and some other local musicians. He is the one singing and playing the guitar left-handed. The Genji Buskers is one of 3 bands that Ezwan Rohman·busks with. His latest video release project focuses on his bands and their music. In the last month he has released 8 new videos. Apokalips is video number 6. Apokalips is a song written by Singapore born, Malaysian legendary singer/songwriter M.Nasir. He was also a busker in the 80’s before he formed a rock band of his own.

And what about the Genji Buskers and the other musicians performing in the video Ezwan says “all of the people in the video are friends and buskers . some of them are from other groups but we think that merging all the groups together for a short session would be more interesting . Some just playing along with us and trying to fit in the music that we play…”

When asked about the language in the song, he speaks of his city Kuala Lumpur, “The language is called Malay. Malaysian are the people ( which consists of Malay , Chinese and Indian .And what is the song about?  “The song is mainly about self-consciousness about life , karma and everyday feelings . Sometimes we’re up , sometimes we’re down . roughly its about that , i can’t explain it thoroughly as the songwriter applies classic Malay literature to all of his songs”,

Here is the video performed by M.Nasir. You can read the words and pick up a little of the meaning from the few English words in the song. Video posted by Mai Lanun Mai Lanun

In Kuala Lumpur quality street performing is encouraged, licenses are easy to get so everyone who performs on the street has one. However as with anywhere busking is a risky profession. Ezwan has been street performing since 2010 when he called it quits with his job at the bank to pursue street performing and music full-time. Now he hopes to make a living by creating and sharing what he loves. The Genji Buskers and Ezwan Rohman will be performing in the World Art Games this year in Croatia in June.

Sam3 (y Escif). Valencia, diciembre de 2012

Sam3 (y Escif). Valencia, diciembre de 2012

Repinned from Art by Teri Butkiewicz

Video; Allen Fredricks, San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf.

His sound is genuine Yacht Rock in this video  Real polished and everything. But his background is as deep as the mighty blue Pacific.

He has performed with some of the best musicians in the business including Paul Butterfield, Dr. John, Bonnie Raitte, Elvin Bishop,
Dan Hicks, Zigaboo Modeliste (The Mete
rs), Jules Broussard, Cab Calloway, The
Shirelles, and The Drifters.

If song doesn’t make you want to have fish and chips at the wharf then I don’t know what will. video by Iru Streetiam Iru Streetiam·

Artist Unknown; Florianópolis Brasil

Florianópolis Brasil

Repinned from The Best Street Art by Blanche Norman

Performer Politics Portends Precarious Precedents

St Louis is the latest city with politicians who want to be talent judges of the masses charged with the responsibility to decide, who will be able to perform on the oh so important city streets,  which is their charge.

Five hours ago the Editorial Board of the St Louis Post Dispatch online edition published am article addressing the apparent need of St. Louis Streets Department administrator Mike Hulsey to judge the eligibility of any busker that desires to be St Louis Permit worthy. Read Article

external image 3D-Movies.jpgBut the same thing goes on in other cities as well, New York City, London UK, Australia New Zealand, Malaysia, all over. At this early stage of the intensified interest in Street Culture, it would be preposterous to to assume that this current crop of politicians wants to control the politics of the messages of street artists. But what if one of them did and had the power to do it? Setting the precedent now will create the future that a free street needs in order to survive. Unfortunately there is no way to keep a politician from telling you what is bad once you have given them the power to tell you what is good.

The street can be a wild place sometimes so keep it safe out there.