Busking News Week Jan 23-30 2016

Busking News Week Jan 23-30 2016

Busking stories that are important –
Busking News week Jan 23-30 2016 - Buskers bring an ambiance to film festival week

James Miska and Genevieve Smith, known as the duo Wing & Claw, play for film festival goers on Main Street.

Some of them are important to Street I Am for a bunch of different reasons. Some are important to big press for political reasons. We will try to sort it all out.

Festivals in Busking News Week Jan 23-30 2016

First, 2 stories on 2 festivals that are…

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Buskers Best videos 11-23-15

Buskers Best videos 11-23-15

Look what we found today

It seems Buskers Best videos 11-23-15 picked a good day to go busker hunting.

Buskers Best videos 11-23-15 Featured YouTube Videographer

This channel has some good talent to share/ These first Malaysia buskers sound are very smooth.

 – Busker kl(1) Buskers Best videos 11-23-15 - kogree nyiur kogree nyiur

Here is another one from kogree nyiur.


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Busker Laws Evolving in 7 Culture Capitals

Busker Laws Evolving in 7 Culture Capitals

 – Busker laws in U.S. cities tighten up

 –  Four U.S. cities revisiting their busker laws. The goal is to organize without inhibiting first amendment rights. Two cities are embracing busking and creating ways to optimize the street performers presence.

Fremont Street “Performance Zones”

OCTOBER 25, 2015 BY (EDIT)

busker laws Fremont Street “Performance Zones”

Fremont Street Experience file photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images…

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Street News Highlights 10-12-15 – Asia Report

Street News Highlights 10-12-15 – Asia Report

Street News Highlights 10-12-15

City Planning in the news + a guitar phenom

Street News Highlights 10-12-15 Asia edition happy is pleased to feature two great Asian cities. Both are incorporating street culture into their official urban ambiance. Also we bring you a Tokyo virtuoso.

More platforms for buskers to perform –

Singapore is continuing to include street entertainment as a part of it’s…

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Daniel Waples performing in London Now

Daniel Waples performing in London Now

Daniel Waples – Hang in Balance
Yesterday at 7:34am · Edited ·

Sunday I’m playing in Central London smile emoticon
If your local, come swing by and pick up some of the most ital foods in London…..
See More

London’s first ‘slow food’ market opens
By Rags Martel: ITV London reporter


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Camden sees big street culture changes since 2013

Camden sees big street culture changes since 2013

Top Camden news stories on Street I Am
An unusual NW1 souvenir: Street art sheds that stood in Camden Market given away

February 20, 2015

An unusual NW1 souvenir: Street art sheds that stood in Camden Market given away

The sheds were available for free Published: 20 February, 2015 By ALINA POLIANSKAYA THEY have attracted countless street-art lovers to Camden Lock Village Market, but now the gates have closed for the final time, rows of painted wooden sheds are being given…

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Predictions 2015 Street art, busking, bucks, law

Predictions 2015 Street art, busking, bucks, law

Predictions 2015 for Street Culture
Civics, marketing and politics to set the tone this year

OK here we go with the always risk filled, beginning of the year street culture forecast we are calling, “Predictions 2015″. Last year we did pretty well with predictions 2014 except that our overall assessment that there would be more interest in busking and street art was true and not true at the same…

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Permitting do it yourself public entertainment

Permitting do it yourself public entertainment

Permitting Culture

Permitting the streets when and how —
Riverside Halloween House light show and Dublin, force evolving public use laws  –

When is permitting individual and community public expression important. Should the simple act of seeking public attention individually, or through informal participation among friends and neighbors, require a permit for safety, noise or other purposes?

Do it…

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10-16-14 Street art & entertainment on the rise

10-16-14 Street art & entertainment on the rise

Barriers to street culture easing world wide

Three stories on how street culture, including busking and street art on three different fronts are making historic progress.

Ruling class vs servant class – 10-16-14

In Detroit there is a fight over who should dictate the aesthetics of the city. Apparently the Mayor who is a Democrat believes the government should…

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Best LA buskers – SETV shoots the beach

Best LA buskers – SETV shoots the beach

SETV is Street Entertainment TV
Street I Am will search LA till Christmas   –
Denmantau, Seis Cuerdas and Juggler Pablo Paniagua   among the best LA buskers   –

We search to find the best LA buskers. We are at the beach lately because quite frankly, it is too hot to be anywhere else. SETV started out in Hollywood but was disappointed overall when we went to shoot the street. Our beach excursions…

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