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Lisa Haagen grew up in a very musical family & gravitated early on towards the drum set. It wasn’t until entering her college years that she started with the guitar while she fell in love with the art of lyricism.

Lisa Haagen, (pronounced Hay-gan) has a new CD out called With Honey
Seafoam Green is the song she is singing in this video from Santa Monica CA, US

See more at:                                                Lisa Haagen’s s style on the song,Seafoam Green seems very inspired by Joni Mitchell while still exuding an irrepressible originality.


In our first segment of episode 9 Street I Am TV LIVE Calvin Gold was out and agreed to an interview and performed 3 songs. When we got there he was just finishing a song from his up coming album as yet untitled.

You can hear the whole song “Superman”

After a bit of conversation and he reminds me his name is Calvin and not Elliot (I obviously have Elliot Gould on the brain) he performs “Stayin On the Line” another original composition.

He sends us on our way with a cover tune, “No Diggity”

You can reach Calvin Gold on Twitter @theCalvingold. Calvin Gold will be out and about in Los Angeles while he is recording here so give him a shout out on Twitter and find out where he will be next.

Our second performer in the live broadcast turned out to be a street preacher without portfolio. In other words no contact info was in view during the shooting. I would have asked him but I didn’t want to interrupt so if you know and you want us to tell people sind us a message on twitter or

One of the exciting and also frustrating things about showing up with your camera and doing a live broadcast is you never know what will happen. Well sometimes nothing happens. So because of the nothing factor we went to lunch and when we came back we shot a live segment after dark of Lisa Haagen who has just released he hew CD With Honey.  This is the Title song


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Gabrielle Graves

Gabrielle Graves and the band
We made a new discovery in Santa Monica on Thursday.
This is an original song called from her newly recorded CD titled “Hold On”
To purchase the CD and learn more about Gabrielle Graves visit her site

#Lynwood Boasts #Buskers

The Lynnwood Shopping Center on Highway 99 appears to be your typical shopping complex – a source for groceries, electronics, books and more. However, those who shop there regularly know a delightful secret: It is also a hub of local street musicians.

A handful of musicians perform there regularly, from singers to players of banjos and xylophones, according to… READ MORE

To Amp or Not To Amp

That is the question for cities all around the world as street performing and regulating street culture finds its way on the government issues list. Even as the public’s view of street performing has been evolving from public nuisance to public asset the excessive noise in areas of heavy busking continues to draw criticism. Amplification is the biggest target and has been banned only with a great deal of protest from performers and also some merchants and community groups.

Stephanie Pilon Stephanie Pilon video of an acoustic performer in Byward Market Ottawa Canada

In Ottawa, the Ottawa Citizen reports that the performers in the prime performance area of Byward Market are themselves divided on the point of amplification. Understandably they break down along highly predictable lines with non-amplified performers having no problem with the no amplification law and those who need amplification being understandably upset.

Sarel Alafi Sarel Alafi Street acrobats and dancers such as the troupe pictured in this video also performing at ByWard Market will be totally out of business if the anti amplification law is enforced. Do you think that the large crowd enjoying this performance are being bothered because of the amplification?

A lot of times the problem is possibly a matter of musical taste and not the actual volume of the performance. as with this amazing guitarist  featured in this video by bigsugar999 bigsugar999 If you love loud virtuoso guitar playing while you shop or dine however if you are looking to get a little peace and relaxation or are the merchant who wants to clearly hear the customer talking in the store where this musician is playing, it could be a problem.

The solution in many places cities like Copenhagen Denmark, York UK and Raleigh North Carolina among others is to find places where amplification is appropriate desired and workable. We hope Ottawa will find the compromise it needs to advance in street culture regulation.

Wanganui Goes On Sale

Well not exactly the whole town, but a whole lot of stuff inside the town does and the people of Wanganui are making sure that everybody who shows up will be well entertained. This is why they have decided to have a lot of street entertainers on hand to make everybody’s shopping a very pleasant thing indeed. On Saturday May 4th 32 participating businesses will be offering great discounts for one day only. “We timed the sale to coincide with the weekend before Mother’s Day this year,” says Mainstreet Marketing Manager Elise Goodge, “that way people can take the opportunity to get a Mother’s Day gift at a great price.” (from Scoop News)

The economically up and coming island nation of New Zealand is fast becoming a place recognized for not just supporting buskers and busking in general but down right embracing it and making it a part of their thriving culture. They have such great talent in Wanganui for instance, that they are having what they call ‘The Great Busk Off’ where 15 local performers will compete till 2pm for a prize of $1000. People buy tokens for 50 cents a piece and then put them into the hat of their favorite performer and the one with the most tokens wins. No official word on what happens to the money if more that $1000 worth of tokens are purchased however.

If you want to know more and find out about the town of Wanganui’s shopping app read Scoop News

Epilepsy Toronto Goes Busking Uptown

Takes Scotiabank BuskerFest, to downtown Yonge Street SCOTIABANK - Scotiabank BuskerFest Moves to Yonge Street! The event planners promise, over a hundred of the most remarkable street performers on earth for the Scotiabank BuskerFest, in downtown Yonge Street for its 2013 edition, August 22 to 25 in Toronto. Last year over a million people attended the event in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood and this year promises to be even better. The new location will allow for even more growth in the coming years.

The money raised from the event goes to Epilepsy Toronto which offers;

Adult Services
Children & Youth Services
Employment Services
Public Education
and Diversity Outreach
for people with epilepsy.

BuskerFest boasts two outstanding records for Street Performer events. It is the largest street performers’ festival in North America and is the largest Epilepsy awareness-raising event in the world.

This year the Fest goes High Tek with this app offering.


French Quarter Festival Starts Today

The French Quarter in New Orleans, home to 24 hour 7 days a week street culture takes that tradition to the next level this weekend as it stages the 30th annual French Quarter Festival. Last year the festival drew 574,000 attendees, 49 percent local, 51 percent from out-of-town.

1,400 musicians will be performing on 21 stages throughout the Quarter.with a  major stage making its first appearance on Decatur Street. Among the headliners will be Irma Thomas and the Dixie Cups. The festival’s musical lineup includes traditional and contemporary jazz, New Orleans R&B and funk, brass bands, folk and international music, singer-songwriters, gospel, Latin, Cajun and zydeco music.french-quarter-festival The festival is growing in popularity and this year the major news medias will be on hand to cover the event. The organizers are expecting record crowds this year and  hope that the festival will contribute to New Orleans recovering image and economy.