Hillary Clinton Street Art Good Bad & Ugly

Hillary Clinton Street Art Good Bad & Ugly

 Hillary Clinton Street Art Pro and Con

As regular readers of Street I Am know, one of the things we have observed is how a careful look at stree art can be an indication of things to come. In Egypt for example after the Arab spring, a look at the street art going upon Cairo walls left no doubt that Mohamed Morsi was not well liked. A quick Google search today reveals the same about Hillary in…

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T-Party Banksys Keep Tagging Obama’s Policies

T-Party Banksys Keep Tagging Obama’s Policies

California street artists target US President  –
Slick human rights street art campaign is gaining momentum  –
Elusive T-Party Banksys dog the Presidents fundraising tour   –

T-Party Banksys, I hear you laugh. No it’s not the deep south, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and so on. It is tinsel town and surrounding areas. LA LA land. But anonymous T-Party Banksys are making news. They have been…

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