Hong Kong street art challenge: Banksy Invader

Hong Kong street art challenge: Banksy Invader

Hong Kong Street art Challenge

Calling all street artists   —
Invader, Banksy others, so far remain silent —

The landscape of freedom may be shrinking before our eyes as the street artists of Hong Kong increasingly find themselves alone. Their actions constitute a Hong Kong street art challenge. What our answer is, will forever define our generation.

New video shows spirit and talent of Hong Kongs…

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Umbrella Movement; Hong Kong’s Street Art Protest

Umbrella Movement; Hong Kong’s Street Art Protest

Umbrella, new Hong Kong pro democracy symbol  –
Why the Umbrella Movement  —

The Umbrella movement began when the people brought their umbrellas to the pro-democracy protests. It started as an accessory of protection from sun and rain. Now it is a symbol of protection from government control. A symbol of hope, to protect them as they seek the more tangible rights of freedom.

umbrella movement

Pop Up Protest Street…

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