Obama Doctrine; Anti Colonial Military Strategy

Obama Doctrine; Anti Colonial Military Strategy

Obama Doctrine Why Obama will treat China differently than the Mideast The Obama doctrine om military strategy may not support current US strategic interests but perhaps are not based on pacifism or cowardice either. Most likely they are based on his vision of the world and will affect China and the Mideast differently. First ISIS Iran and the Mideast: Many people are scratching their heads as to…

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Hands in the air. Don’t shoot! Survey

Hands in the air. Don’t shoot! Survey

Hands in the air. Don't shoot! Truth or Fiction...

Simple One Question Survey Hands in the air SURVEY - Damon-davis-ferguson

One of the biggest politically organized street events this year was Ferguson. The tragic death of Michael Brown spawned vigils, as well as peaceful and violent protests on streets throughout America. These events have affected everyone in the US and sparked…

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Big Government Supporters Protest Big Privatization in NZ

Leftists in New Zealand who do not trust private enterprise to ever act in the best interests of the country took to the streets of Auckland New Zealand on Friday to protest selling off the assets of New Zealand’s power company. The Government wants to sell shares of the power company that they own to the public because they believe that a private company will do the job with less expense thus saving money to the consumer. Already the Prime Minister claims more than 285,000 people have pre-registered to buy shares.

However Keep Our Assets who believe that the people will be short-changed by the deal have already presented a petition of 392,000 signatures to Parliament against the sale and on April 27th took to the streets to protest.Check out the excellent video by MWSellwood MWSellwood Read an essay against the proposal by Miriam Michal, ANFS Spokesperson Emerita

Read an article explaining the pro sale view from NZ OneNews.