Banksy – “Statue of Liberty Kid” – New York

Banksy – “Statue of Liberty Kid” – New York

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Welling Court Mural Project 2012

Welling Court Mural Project 2012 with Stormie Mills, Joe Iurato, Billy Mode and more

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Hello to our chinese government entity friends

This is Art

Stencil graffiti featuring Ai Weiwei, a Chinese contemporary artist and outspoken human rights activist who was arrested by the Chinese authorities in 2011 and held for three months. Since his release, Weiwei is prohibited from traveling abroad, engaging in public speech, and is subjected to continued government surveillance. (Soho, NYC)

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Marques Toliver Busking in New York and London

Multi-instrumentalist Marques Toliver is being seen performing on the street of New York in a wholesale manner. I guess Street performing isn’t for wannabe’s anymore. It is for is’s.


Street Culture Struggle in New York

Today The Villager (read article here) reported on the meeting that was held in New York on the new park rules governing street culture and in particular performing.

The City of New York like so many government entities when faced with a situation where their lazy one size inclinations are wholly inadequate to handle the situation with alacrity choose ambiguity which allows any bureaucrat for any reason (political or otherwise), to interpret the law as they see fit, taking self governance out of the hands of the people.

When it comes to a subject like street culture, it should be obvious that the rules for one park, ie Washington Square Park, may need to be different from the rules for another park. By the same token, the rules for one neighborhood, ie Times Square may need to be different from other areas. In fact one part of a neighborhood may need a rule for one block that is different from the rule two blocks away. For instance in an area that has a thriving nightlife in one spot and down the street it is primarily residential, noise must be a consideration. You won’t mind noise late at night in one place but want it over by 8pm in the other.

Washington Square Park is a prime case in point when it comes to parks. Since it is known the world over as a place to see performers and art, it is wholly in keeping with the tradition of the place to have a major presence of creativity. Other parks perhaps not so much. Also, the ambiguity of the present arrangement further creates the danger of constituting a real threat on the rights of free speech. For instance will one busker singing songs in a totally accomplished manner with words like, Bloomberg is a control freak and his policies are weak, get escorted out of the park while a busker singing New York New York out of tune at the top of their lungs gets a pass? It’s hard to tell whether it would happen at all and hard to prove it was political if it did happen but it would be considered a possible motive and puts into question the intent of the entire law.

Perhaps community groups that surround the parks need to get together and meet and draw up recommendations for their park to submit to the City Council. The same for neighborhoods in general as well.One thing is for sure, free creative expression is the bulwark of a free people and street culture is where the rubber meets the road.

Michael Buble Subway Serenade

Most of the time when you hear someone performing a great piece of music in the New Your subway there is hustle and there is bustle all around but when Mr. Buble stepped off the train at the 66th St station and sang a song with Naturally 7, even the trains seemed to stop as the usually noisy station listened on to a flawless performance.

The flawless a capella version of Jurassic 5 classic Who’s Lovin’ You, taken from Michael’s new album was a welcome diversion to the busy daily affairs of all those fortunate enough to  be present at the impromptu event. Well not exactly impromptu as all the available press was alerted and the cameras were there to record the whole scene for publicity sake.

He is quoted in The Sun as saying, “You see some of the greatest musicians in the world come down here and play. Out of all the press I had to do, out of everything that I’m gonna do – Europe and America – this was the thing I was most excited about.”

Choir of voices fills Grand Central

Renaissance Street Singers performed and accepted no donations recently in the Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Under the direction of conductor John Hetland the group performed  a cappella to the passersby. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority granted the group a permit as part of the Music Under New York program so New York residents and visitors can look forward to hearing them on a regular basis.


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Subway NYC Sax Battle pt2

#Subway #NYC Battle pt2

Passengers on the New York Subway got an unexpected entertainment package to go along with their commute as to sax players engaged in a musical confrontation  and attempted to out play each other and then jam in unison to the song “Billie Jean”

The results were spirited and spontaneous Another example of the kind of experience that is only possible when street perforers play.

The name of one performer is Sapphire Adizes

A video in two parts by