Obama Doctrine; Anti Colonial Military Strategy

Obama Doctrine; Anti Colonial Military Strategy

Obama Doctrine Why Obama will treat China differently than the Mideast The Obama doctrine om military strategy may not support current US strategic interests but perhaps are not based on pacifism or cowardice either. Most likely they are based on his vision of the world and will affect China and the Mideast differently. First ISIS Iran and the Mideast: Many people are scratching their heads as to…

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Afghanistan street art culture; NATO US pt2

Afghanistan street art culture; NATO US pt2

NATO US Forces, street culture connection

What is now and what’s next on Afghan streets   —
Locals and foreigners instigating new creativity  –

As we learned in our first article when NATO and the US left Iraq, the artists left the streets. NATO US Street Art Connection Kabul & Baghdad  In this article, we focus our attention on the current creative juices in Afghanistan. It looks like the…

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