Meres 1 “No 5Pointz deal with G&M”

Meres 1 “No 5Pointz deal with G&M”

G&M accused of misleading from the start
Meres 1; Lack of trust at the heart of dispute
meres 1 article - a 5-Pointz-alternative-plan

What If 5 Pointz Could Be Preserved by Incorporating the Existing facade

A spokesperson for Meres 1, an important group opposing the owner developer of 5Pointz property says David Wolkoff cannot be trusted. Furthermore the group does not believe that love of graffiti art has anything to do with any of G&M…

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5pointz owner defends trademark bid

5pointz owner defends trademark bid

5Pointz owner in name dispute

5Pointz; What is in a name?   —
5Pointz owner G&M and art group Meres 1 – A love for street art creates a cultural icon  –

5Pointz-(iamNigelMorris, flickr).5Pointz owner David Wolkoff  says he loves street art and wanted to have a place for street artists to be street artists. This was the reason that he invited them to create at 5pointz.  5pointz huffingtonpostNow he wants street art, artists local and renown, to…

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