One Man Band from Boston in second Video this week

I wish I would have posted that video I saw this week now but it wasn’t as good as this one. I am generally not a big fan of one man bands because somehow in trying to get all the different sounds in the arrangement the overall performance seems to suffer. This one is not so bad and reasonably entertaining. In fact the mechanism he uses to create all the sound is very ingenious.

Marcia Mello, Atlantic Public Media, Audio Profile

WCAI a public radio station in the Cape Cod area put together a great radio segment about a local busker in P Town. CHECK IT OUT

Somerville Festiville, Arts

Festiville, Arts

Somerville which was the site earlier this year (READ OUR ARTICLE) of a contentious battle between city officials and street performers is holding their inaugural street festival this weekend. With a new agreement between buskers and the city of Somerville all concerned are ready to make Festiville, Arts an amazing success.

Main Street in downtown Somerville on Saturday, May 18th will be closed to traffic and serve as the stage for a merry-go-round of family-friendly street performers that have dazzled crowds far and wide at street fairs, festivals, circuses, amusement parks, theaters and late-night television.

Busking for US Vets

It is music to their ears

A former homeless street performer is teaming up with “Cathedral in the Night”, a christian ministry headed by  Reverend Christopher Carlisle that has as its mission aiding the homeless veterans of Northampton.

Street Musician Daniel Evans, known as Downtown Daniel is the son of a Tuskegee airman and so has a desire to help vets by performing at benefit concerts all over town to raise money to build a transitional shelter for homeless women vets.

For more info contact Downtown Daniel at (413) 923-4680, or the St. John’s Episcopal Church in Northampton at (413) 584-1757.


Somerville for street culture

Somerville Alderman-At-Large Jack Connolly has written new legislation to change the outdated laws that now cover public use of the streets for events.He wants new rules in place for the summer season to attract folks to the small Massachusetts town.


Max Judelson Offers Ten TipsWrites Wall Street Journal Piece…

Max Judelson Offers Ten Tips

Writes Wall Street Journal Piece for Street Performers and Non Performers Alike

If you don’t know who Max Judelson is then you probably do not frequent the MGH (Massachusetts General Hospital) stop on the Red Line in Boston (between March and October) from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. However if you do happen to commute at that time you have probably heard him playing the cello rain or shine. He is an accomplished jazz and classical musician who says he loves to put a smile on the faces of children and appreciates the commuter who will wait for the next train in order to hear him play just a little bit longer.

Max has been playing on the streets for a living since 2006 and  moved to Boston in the fall of 2008 to study at Boston Conservatory.

Though it is difficult to find videos of Max playing on YouTube I found this one by,Bob ColbyBob Colby

.You can read his delightful piece in the Wall Street Journal “Ten Rules for Street Musicians”