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September 27, 2013 — Updated 1129 GMT (1929 HKT)
To celebrate the best of African street art, CNN iReport asked for your submissions of the beautiful, political, or just plain fun.<!-- --><br /><br />
</br>South African graffiti artist FALKO1 sent images of his striking work on walls in and around Cape Town. <!-- --><br /><br />
</br> To celebrate the best of African street art, CNN iReport asked for your submissions of the beautiful, political, or just plain fun.
South African graffiti artist FALKO1 sent images of his striking work on walls in and around Cape Town.
Cape Town, South Africa
  • African street art includes graffiti, inspiring murals, painted shop fronts
  • It provides an outlet for political voices and local culture
  • Cape Town is home to a thriving graffiti scene with a social message

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(CNN) — Street art has forever been a vibrant tool of personal expression manifesting in a variety of unique ways. In Africa it comes in the form of beautifully painted shop fronts, alternative methods of political campaigning and striking murals designed to inspire.

To celebrate the best of African street art, CNN iReport asked for your submissions

Lisa Haagen @LisaHaagen

Iru Streetiam Iru Streetiam Video

Lisa Haagen grew up in a very musical family & gravitated early on towards the drum set. It wasn’t until entering her college years that she started with the guitar while she fell in love with the art of lyricism.

Lisa Haagen, (pronounced Hay-gan) has a new CD out called With Honey
Seafoam Green is the song she is singing in this video from Santa Monica CA, US

See more at:                                                Lisa Haagen’s s style on the song,Seafoam Green seems very inspired by Joni Mitchell while still exuding an irrepressible originality.

Artist Nathan Sharratt; Street Art For a Rainy Day

Art you can see when it rains.

This video of a rain drawing by Atlanta artist Nathan Sharratt using NeverWet, gives you a good idea how spraying a stencil on a sidewalk or other wet surface creates words and images that can only be seen when wet.Will we see a more of this in the rainy winter months?


Gabrielle Graves

Gabrielle Graves and the band
We made a new discovery in Santa Monica on Thursday.
This is an original song called from her newly recorded CD titled “Hold On”
To purchase the CD and learn more about Gabrielle Graves visit her site

Bear Trap Graffiti House and Public Performence Venue, Venice Beach

Learn More about the Hip Hoppin Bear Trap Entertainment company
Here is some news from Venice 311 March of this year, with a comment from one of the groups members.

Livecast Highlights from August 8th Venice Beach

On the 8th of August we broadcast street performers live from Southern California on Venice Beach The first performer we saw as we walked along the Ocean Front walk was Dalila

Contact Dalila at

Then we found local musical genius Nathan who offers no contact info but is across from the Sidewalk Cafe almost everyday

The last performer we found was Randy Rivers whose contact info we will try to obtain soon Join us every Thursday at 3pm Pacific time US for Street I Am live

Yarn Bomb on Warhol Bridge in Pittsburgh

An amazing community public art project was completed as thousands of community residents in the Pittsburgh area created a yarn tapestry on the Warhol Bridge that spanned 3000 feet.


(AP/Gene J. Puskar)

1800 people knitted 580 yarn designs the size of a blanket and attached them end to end along the busy structure The whole project took 18 months to plan and execute. Volunteers worked throughout the weekend attaching the hand knitted panels to the bridge.

Photo from

Amanda Gross a Pittsburgh resident who became fascinated by the role bridges play in the life of the city of Pittsburgh came up with the idea. With the help of the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh and other local organizations the artists came up with a concept that is designed to give a new sense of vitality and appreciation to the practical structure.

Just as the bridge itself is practical so is the fabric used to knit the panels. Rather than use wool which absorbs water, is flammable and can be a home to pests Amanda and her team decided on acrylic yarn instead. The team of artists from .more than 80 Pittsburgh neighborhoods and 120 area townships worked with architects and engineers to create the knitted pieces allowing for wear, proper adhesion and weight.

There will be a community arts and crafts party on the bridge Aug. 25. The nations largest Yarn Bomb will stay in place till Sept. 6.


Jonny Walker Publicly Questions Purple Flag Preparation in Liverpool

Buskers told ‘pack up or we’ll arrest you’
Liverpool Confidential
As he did in York, UK busker and advocate for busker street culture rights Jonny Walker, made a point in Liverpool during a ruling class type evaluation for a government certification known as the Purple Flag. This badge of distiction is bestowed on fortunate communities by the Association of Town Centre Managers (ATCM). This is a consortium of property development concerns under the direction of their government partners.
src=”” alt=”Jonny Wa;ker” />

BUSKERS in Liverpool were threatened with arrest by police as top town-centre award judges made a flying visit during Light Night, it has been claimed.

Daniel Taylor’s insight:
Jonny Walker pushes buttons in Liverpool

#Lynwood Boasts #Buskers

The Lynnwood Shopping Center on Highway 99 appears to be your typical shopping complex – a source for groceries, electronics, books and more. However, those who shop there regularly know a delightful secret: It is also a hub of local street musicians.

A handful of musicians perform there regularly, from singers to players of banjos and xylophones, according to… READ MORE