Erykah Badu, the future of street entertainment?

Erykah Badu, the future of street entertainment?

Erykah busks for the cred
What is the next phase of big name busking

As we predicted at the beginning of this year, big names would take to the streets.

2014 New Year Street Culture Predictions – Street up

January 2, 2014 by

Erykah has become one of the latest in a series of wel,l and extremely well known artist,s who have taken to the streets lately.


When Erykah Badu decided…

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USA heartbeat on the street – Amazing jam session

USA heartbeat on the street – Amazing jam session

Jimmy Kimmel takes a street music jam to the world wide stage  –
Can freedom of expression save the USA, “I Don’t Know”

A lot of political class media operatives raise a lot of money telling people the USA is divided. But now comes an example of spontaneous unlicensed collaboration. A citizen journalist, social media product, that may force a re-examination of that rhetoric, at least culturally.…

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