300,000 expected for #Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann

The Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann street festival promises to be an exceptional experience and a one of a kind, world class event, celebrating traditional Irish music on the streets of Derry, Londonderry, UK this August. The atendance will be so huge that they are thinking of deciding to close the busy Shipquay Street, Waterloo Place, Guildhall Square and the quay


Derry Music Fest Starts Friday; Buskers Wanted

Have you a talent or musical gift to share with the wider world? Well, an integral part of this Friday’s Music City! will be the Roaring Meg Busking Festival – and the Gasyard Wall Féile is encouraging local buskers to take to the streets to win cash prizes, including the top prize of £1,000!


Dublin on Knives Flames and Drums Do you Agree?

Knives, flames and drums to be banned for street performers?

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Raf Diallo

15:39 Tuesday 21 May 2013





Dublin City Council propose a new law to clamp down on noise and increase safety

Under proposed new laws, flame throwing, sword swallowing and even drumming could vanish from the streets of Dublin.

It comes after Dublin City Council proposed new bye-laws to reduce noise and control street performances. According to the Council, the new laws are being introduced after a voluntary code of conduct introduced last July was not adhered to. The new proposals will be discussed tomorrow.

Under the proposed laws, the rules are as follows:

Dublin Council to Meet on Wed; New Busking Laws

Who is; Email: mannix.flynn@dublincity.ie no one in particular asked?He is just the guy that the City of Dublin rolled out to defend the recent movement within their ranks to outlaw some of the most distinctive forms of street performance that Dublin has become world-famous for. The council could not however feed him any information about the statistics for safety surrounding such things as knife or fire juggling. That is because the safety record of such performances is pretty damn good.Yet this issue is of vital importance to the council.

Mannix Flynn says he stands for equity on community resources, noise control measures and fair licensing laws. So that means he feels comfortable on the subject of noise control and the strict one 15watt amp per performance space law being proposed in Dublin. Street I Am asks; Has Mannix Flynn gone into the neighborhoods and taken a noise level reader and measured some db’s out there in the city to verify that this seemingly arbitrary 15watt amp rule has any validity.

Has it occurred to the lawmakers of Dublin that there are neighborhoods that at certain hours would welcome more amplification and/or feats of daring with swords and fire and others which may want none? Well.

The Dublin Council will consider this on Wed so it you care, be there if not then you can still go to Galway.

Genuine Irish Jig? VIDEO Unknown Galway Performers

The steps the dancer at the end of the video does look like a genuine step from a traditional Irish dance. You tell me.

The way they play this music is solid.Melynas Kaktusas Melynas Kaktusas

Policing Street Culture in Ireland

A web blog called Joe is all about Ireland men and their interests. Law enforcement fits the bill. So does culture and when the two meet we see first hand, some of the more sophisticated law enforcement techniques used in dealing with street culture and street performers.

You must see this for yourself!dancing-irish-ppolice We hope that these revolutionary methods can be utilized in other cities around the world. See the video Here or click the picture


Irish Street Performers Audition on The Voice

A SCHOOLBOY from north Belfast who spends his spare time busking in the city centre will be one of two Northern Ireland contestants starring on The Voice this weekend.

The blind audition by Conor Scott (18) before the TV talent show’s four A-list coaches will be shown on the BBC tomorrow night.

Leah McFall (23) from Newtownabbey will also perform in the hope that the judges – who can hear but not see the performers – will turn their chairs around in approval.

The pair hope to emulate the success of Co Tyrone singer Andrea Begley, pictured, who won rave remarks from Jessie J, will.i.am, Danny O’Donoghue and Tom Jones.


Street Perfomance World Championship; Big Day Sunday in Dublin

Dublin will be among the most enjoyable places on earth this Sunday as the Ministry of Silly Ideas sets the table for the up coming Street Performance World Championship in July.

Here is the email they sent out yesterday to all interested in having fun on the streets;world-streetperformance-championships


So we are nearly there, the day is almost upon us, your initiation into the Ministry of Silly Ideas is just 2 days away! 
If you haven’t already, could you email us back to confirm that you will be able to make it this Sunday it would be a really big help and we can ensure we are ready for you all!!
We will be meeting at 12pm in 4 Dame Lane, Dublin 2 this Sunday April 14th to get you kitted out in your ponchos, umbrellas and placards and to equip you with your water balloons. ‘Water’ crazy idea, you could say it’s a bit H2 wOah!?
And great news – the weather is looking good with no rain in sight.
A few tips for the day: 
1. Wear old clothes. You’ll be covered up with a lovely poncho too but just avoid wearing your Sunday best.
2. If you have goggles or sunglasses bring them along. They’ll come in handy for the BIG SURPRISE we have lined up.
3. Spread the word and bring your friends – the more the merrier! We have 500 ponchos ordered so the more people we have, the bigger the laugh on the day.

We are all getting extremely giddy in the office, only a few more days until you join the Ministry of Silly Ideas and we introduce it to the world. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop us a mail and we will get back to you as soon as poss.

See you on Sunday!!
Their web address is http://www.spwc.ie/

Eoin Title:’Whisper an Endearing Word’…

Eoin Title:’Whisper an Endearing Word’ Location:Dublin, Ireland 

Eoin says this about his art “Visual artist, hailing from Dublin, Ireland. The main objective of my artwork is to create something an individual can connect with on a personal level. To achieve this I am drawn to areas of decay, forgotten in time for much of my outdoor works. Many of these pieces will never be seen in person, in turn themselves being lost to the elements. They are instead recorded with a still photograph capturing the atmosphere in which the piece existed in that moment. The main influence of my artwork is the fragility, and strength, of that flickering light of Hope we experience during even the darkest moments along our journey in life. What drives me is the small glimmer of light that is sometimes so far out of reach. My aim is to bring people to that solemn, positive moment, when we reflect and dream.”
Curated by Art is Everywhere


musicnowfestival:Glen Hansard busking in NY for…


Glen Hansard busking in NY for CBS.