Hong Kong street art challenge: Banksy Invader

Hong Kong street art challenge: Banksy Invader

Hong Kong Street art Challenge

Calling all street artists   —
Invader, Banksy others, so far remain silent —

The landscape of freedom may be shrinking before our eyes as the street artists of Hong Kong increasingly find themselves alone. Their actions constitute a Hong Kong street art challenge. What our answer is, will forever define our generation.

New video shows spirit and talent of Hong Kongs…

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Umbrella Movement; Hong Kong’s Street Art Protest

Umbrella Movement; Hong Kong’s Street Art Protest

Umbrella, new Hong Kong pro democracy symbol  –
Why the Umbrella Movement  —

The Umbrella movement began when the people brought their umbrellas to the pro-democracy protests. It started as an accessory of protection from sun and rain. Now it is a symbol of protection from government control. A symbol of hope, to protect them as they seek the more tangible rights of freedom.

umbrella movement

Pop Up Protest Street…

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Art today Mar 23, Street Entertainment News – Ai Weiwei

Art today Mar 23, Street Entertainment News – Ai Weiwei

The art today Mar 23 report –
Artists planning public spaces, creating activist art and being defamed in China, –
You would think they would let this guy out of China so that we can go back to playing computer games –

The Art today Mar 23 lead story is about State repression for Ai Weiwei. They just won’t let this guy out to travel the world and visit his famous artwork. Shepard Fairey has…

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Restored Street Art – Pieces, People and Politics

Restored Street Art – Pieces, People and Politics

Hong Kong, Melbourne, Jordan and London street art news –
Revolutionary restoration in Hong Kong, China – Invader restored –
Keith Haring Restored in Australia, Ruben Sanchez helps restore joy for Syrian Refugees –

There is big news today about street art being restored in two different places for two different reasons. Also a story about street art restoring some hope at a refugee camp in Jordan.

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