Artists: OLLIN BENUZ SOKAR UNO Location: Görlitz, Germany

Repinned from ▲Urban Art▲ by Ana Isabel

Picture of Xavier Originally pinned by Xavier Gutierrez onto Street art (Best of) –

Caro Pepe ‘Geduldig’ at Teufelsberg

Caro Pepe ‘Geduldig’ at Teufelsberg    The Teufelsberg is a hill in Berlin, Germany, in the Grunewald locality of former West Berlin.

Repinned from Street Art Berlin by ellie barzoo

Street Performer Rasmus Album Release

Are you ready for Rasmus?  He has just released his new CD “incessant on its way”

and is currently featured performing a song off of his new CD titled “What about You” in a new video just released by

The German singer songwriter plays and sings in English but so far all of the interviews and background information published on him are written in German. This is his first release, however he has been performing in clubs on stage and busking on the streets of Germany for a number of years now. If you understand German you can see  a couple of interviews he has done on TV on his website; http://www.rasmus-song.de/homepage-rasmus-schumacher.html.