Dateline: Street Music in Yemen

That’s right Marge, you can walk around in the city of Sana’a for instance just to pull a city at random out of my head as an example, and play say a flute and get money from people without Mayor Bloomberg popping up and giving you a fine for playing in the park next to a statue or other Yemeni monument. While this me sound unbelievable it is absolutely true.

Oh and by the way there just happens to be an article in the Yemen Times about a flute player named Abdullah Ahmed Al-Bahri who, we are given to understand, walks the streets of Sana’a and so the writer says, everywhere he goes, he plays his flute. Some days he walks for hours in the sun and though his face may look weary, his hands… Well let me put it this way if you want to know about Al-Bahri’s hands, his life and other vital Yemeni street music facts you will have to read the article in the Yemen Times

By the way, if you would like to see and hear what Abdullah Ahmed Al-Bahri sees and hears on the Sana’a streets check out this video.

The souk of Sanaa, Yemen

Mikael Strandberg Mikael Strandberg