04-24-15 Festivals & Parades World news

04-24-15 Festivals & Parades World news


Stories from 04-24-15

04-24-15 is a day for a lot of these  stories as the spring summer season gets underway in the northern hemisphere.

Culture and Campus Combine For Street Fair

 04-24-15 Culture and Campus Combine For Street FairBy Steve Robb – Athens Messenger staff reporter Dateline Athens, OH Cultural diversity and international flavors were celebrated Saturday on Court Street as Ohio University and the Athens community…

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Asheville, NC – Pumping Up Street Culture

Asheville, NC – Pumping Up Street Culture

Top Stories This Year   —
Asheville Rivals New Orleans for Southern Culture  –

This Asheville keeps popping up in the news recently. From improving busking laws to mounting world class street art events The increase in street culture is making people notice.

Embracing Busking as a City Resource

They really notice the good performers. They examine the law and make sure it is optomized to the…

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Spokane Street Music Week Expands

That’s right. The extra sound you hear as you approach Spokane is the expanding parameters of the Spokane Street Music Week. It started yesterday and proceeds unabated Monday through Friday during the noon hours on the sidewalks of downtown Spokane.