Keep On Busking In The EU ?

Keep On Busking In The EU ?

This week UK voters face a big decision in the EU referendum. I wondered what are the main issues surrounding busking and street art ?

Does the EU protect our busking rights?

Will it make any difference at all for buskers? Is it an issue that will only effect buskers that venture abroad ? The decision is very difficult because the arguments are very complex.

Nobody owns a crystal ball and it is…

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Kiev Kops storm street camp – We reflect on the culture

Kiev Kops storm street camp – We reflect on the culture

Kiev in turmoil, many fear Russia
Ukraine fears forced cultural and economic isolation from Europe
Remembering Ukrainian culture through its street art and street performance

kievAs of this writing all is confused in Kiev. 14 are dead now.  The people in the streets try to gain as much control of the reins of government before the end of the Olympics in Sochi. That is when the opposition forces of…

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