Linda Simpson – A Life In Music

Linda Simpson – A Life In Music

It is almost 2 years to the day since I first met Linda Simpson I had just finished busking The Frankfurt Market in Birmingham and was on My way home. I spotted a very slight female busker who had a great sound and rig so I went over to say ” Hello ” She told me her name was Linda Simpson. We briefly discussed our respective days and I remember being surprised a woman half my size had carried so…

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#buskeverydamnday from @charlottecambell on the #southbank in…

#buskeverydamnday from @charlottecambell on the #southbank in #London #england #buskeverydamnday #buskco #buskerlife #streetperforming #busking #streetperformer #streetmusician #streetmusic #bigben

Jonny Walker for North of England region conference delegate

Jonny Walker for North of England region conference delegate

Jonathan Walker

3 hrs · Beeston Hill, United Kingdom ·

Are you in the Musician’s Union for the North of England region?

If so, please would you vote for me to be a conference delegate this year…

I have proposed a motion that would make it official MU policy to seek to replace restrictive busking policies with liberal ones to keep our streets open to live music and the…

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Video asks; How Does he do that.? Living Statue London

These two investigative journalists examine every inch of this living statue performer in London and speculate throughout the video, asking the question; How does he do that? I think that the person who posted this video is not the one who shot it.                    raymond lou raymond lou