Dublin on Knives Flames and Drums Do you Agree?

Knives, flames and drums to be banned for street performers?

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Raf Diallo

15:39 Tuesday 21 May 2013





Dublin City Council propose a new law to clamp down on noise and increase safety

Under proposed new laws, flame throwing, sword swallowing and even drumming could vanish from the streets of Dublin.

It comes after Dublin City Council proposed new bye-laws to reduce noise and control street performances. According to the Council, the new laws are being introduced after a voluntary code of conduct introduced last July was not adhered to. The new proposals will be discussed tomorrow.

Under the proposed laws, the rules are as follows:

Dublin Council to Meet on Wed; New Busking Laws

Who is; Email: mannix.flynn@dublincity.ie no one in particular asked?He is just the guy that the City of Dublin rolled out to defend the recent movement within their ranks to outlaw some of the most distinctive forms of street performance that Dublin has become world-famous for. The council could not however feed him any information about the statistics for safety surrounding such things as knife or fire juggling. That is because the safety record of such performances is pretty damn good.Yet this issue is of vital importance to the council.

Mannix Flynn says he stands for equity on community resources, noise control measures and fair licensing laws. So that means he feels comfortable on the subject of noise control and the strict one 15watt amp per performance space law being proposed in Dublin. Street I Am asks; Has Mannix Flynn gone into the neighborhoods and taken a noise level reader and measured some db’s out there in the city to verify that this seemingly arbitrary 15watt amp rule has any validity.

Has it occurred to the lawmakers of Dublin that there are neighborhoods that at certain hours would welcome more amplification and/or feats of daring with swords and fire and others which may want none? Well.

The Dublin Council will consider this on Wed so it you care, be there if not then you can still go to Galway.

Oisin Charms Leaving #Dublin for #Galway

Oisin Charms is heading out to perform in Galway as the city proceeds to consider a law banning circus type acts that involve fire,and knives. Music lovers will be interested to know that a significant number of Dublin Councillors also want to deny drums and amplification beyond the capacity of one 15 watt amp. Who are these people?

Oisin has been performing and advocating for reasonable busking regulations which would address the issues of safety and noise in Dublin. He is quoted in the http://www.herald.ie when asked about the proposed new laws, as saying that the restrictive measures were a disgrace.

“It is a good thing I’m moving to Galway. Buskers are the face of Dublin – if there is no face of Dublin, the city loses its character,” he said.

“If you are a tourist, you get a good experience when you come to Ireland.”

But he agreed that there needed to be some sort of control on aspects of the acts.

“I think there should be regulations on the noise,” he said.

“We try to be respectful and we don’t play music, we just have a microphone that is amplifying our voice.

“When it comes to the fire and knives, most of us have public liability insurance.

“I’ve never had any problems (with knives or fire). And buskers around the world, I don’t think there have been any major problems.

“It just gets too politically correct. I think that a city where there is a lot of performing, that shows the country is free.”

The good news is that you can now see Oisin Charms in Galway and that is just down the road as they say. Good score Galway.

As for Dublin it now looks to find a champion to bring reason to the good council of Dublin and allow this great city  the opportunity to rise to its full street culture potential and continue its modern legacy as a world street culture leader.

Government attacks #Circus Acts on #Dublin #Streets

Claire Murphy – 20 May 2013

FLAME-THROWING, sword-swallowing and drumming may all be banned from the capital’s city centre under new bye-laws.

St Louis and other cities are beginning to worry also about the safety to passersby. The drumming is a noise issue and is different from juggling dangerous objects. The volume has truly been raised on the noise issue already early in this year.  Somerville, York and other cities have already addressed it and have included ways for a variety of buskers conditions. Auckland is also getting a debate on the Busker Laws for the city. Cities may want to consider an area for that kind of busking. New York is debating a law now that creates volume friendly public areas for performing. Pier 39 on Fisherman’s Wharf has a stage where jugglers and magicians perform spectacular feats daily. People throw ,money at them.

Street Perfomance World Championship; Big Day Sunday in Dublin

Dublin will be among the most enjoyable places on earth this Sunday as the Ministry of Silly Ideas sets the table for the up coming Street Performance World Championship in July.

Here is the email they sent out yesterday to all interested in having fun on the streets;world-streetperformance-championships


So we are nearly there, the day is almost upon us, your initiation into the Ministry of Silly Ideas is just 2 days away! 
If you haven’t already, could you email us back to confirm that you will be able to make it this Sunday it would be a really big help and we can ensure we are ready for you all!!
We will be meeting at 12pm in 4 Dame Lane, Dublin 2 this Sunday April 14th to get you kitted out in your ponchos, umbrellas and placards and to equip you with your water balloons. ‘Water’ crazy idea, you could say it’s a bit H2 wOah!?
And great news – the weather is looking good with no rain in sight.
A few tips for the day: 
1. Wear old clothes. You’ll be covered up with a lovely poncho too but just avoid wearing your Sunday best.
2. If you have goggles or sunglasses bring them along. They’ll come in handy for the BIG SURPRISE we have lined up.
3. Spread the word and bring your friends – the more the merrier! We have 500 ponchos ordered so the more people we have, the bigger the laugh on the day.

We are all getting extremely giddy in the office, only a few more days until you join the Ministry of Silly Ideas and we introduce it to the world. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop us a mail and we will get back to you as soon as poss.

See you on Sunday!!
Their web address is http://www.spwc.ie/

Eoin Title:’Whisper an Endearing Word’…

Eoin Title:’Whisper an Endearing Word’ Location:Dublin, Ireland 

Eoin says this about his art “Visual artist, hailing from Dublin, Ireland. The main objective of my artwork is to create something an individual can connect with on a personal level. To achieve this I am drawn to areas of decay, forgotten in time for much of my outdoor works. Many of these pieces will never be seen in person, in turn themselves being lost to the elements. They are instead recorded with a still photograph capturing the atmosphere in which the piece existed in that moment. The main influence of my artwork is the fragility, and strength, of that flickering light of Hope we experience during even the darkest moments along our journey in life. What drives me is the small glimmer of light that is sometimes so far out of reach. My aim is to bring people to that solemn, positive moment, when we reflect and dream.”
Curated by Art is Everywhere


musicnowfestival:Glen Hansard busking in NY for…


Glen Hansard busking in NY for CBS.


Mutefish Gets Ready

Dublin Street Performance indicates great things to come.

On March 8th Mutefish begins the 2013 Spring European tour with a  performance in Ardooie Belgium which will see them playing in Germany and Italy with a big street busks to be held in France. READ MORE ON THEIR SITE

Video ByOrca6662Orca6662 A snippet of their recent performance on Grafton Street Dublin
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Keywest Band NEW ALBUM

Releases new debut album titled “The Message” and appears in a new video

New video bysentimentaloldmesentimentaloldme

Check out the official Keywest web site http://www.keywestofficial.com/

Keywest Band has another video published on YouTube.

Here is our first article/video by Keywest. published by another YouTube channel.

We wonder if the band sets up and plays for a living on a regular basis or just for these videos?


Verve-enrgy-first of it's kind





If you are heading to Ireland and want to experience good music and street culture then check out Dublin and find the band Keywest

In this video we find the band busking on Grafton Street singing Paradise by Coldplay

Wandile1000Wandile1000 video
Performer; Keywest
contact; www.facebook.com/Keywestonline/info