Hub street performers may face fees, regulations

Hub street performers may face fees, regulations

Boston buskers performing in public areas could face regulations and permit fees under a proposal from two city councilors. Alleged unruly, loud and bullying breakdancers on the public plaza in front of Faneuil Hall, prompted the proposed street performer ordinance, City Councilor Sal LaMattina said. “I have no problem […]

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Buskers worth watching 05-01-15

Buskers worth watching 05-01-15

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Comedy, circus, music and all other forms of street entertainment buskers worth watching 05-01-15

Buskers worth watching 05-01-15 around the world

The places and people we can find a reference for, as well as the known and unknown.

London; Buskers worth watching 05-01-15

We start our in the UK. This first video is dynamite. Should be viral considering how good the performance.

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Unknown Puppet Dancer Mexico

Another unknown performer in a video which was released earlier this year by another YouTube channel. When we first saw it last month we did not publish it on Street I Am because we did not know the name of the performers name or the /city in Mexico where it was shot but since it is very clever and has re-surfaced again perhaps we can get someone to fill us in on the details.

StrayDoggEnt StrayDoggEnt

#Buskival May 25 and 26 #York Township #UK

 #Street Musicians, #buskers and street performers of all kinds will converge on the city of York this year for the second annual Buskival there.

The data entry on reversing the draconian street performing laws in York have not even been backup yet and the York Buskival is getting ready for the May event. Thanks to the efforts of Jonny Walker and the good citizens of York along with the brighter elements of the York Council the punishingly expensive fees for permits to perform and the extra charge for selling a CD in certain areas were re-written.

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But now that is all behind and this years festival is expected to be better than last years. Even the hours have been extended till 7pm on Saturday. We assume that since Buskival is announcing that many of the favorite York buskers will be performing, that Jonny will be there. If you are there you can vote for your favorite busker. A £150 prize will be awarded to the favorite of the day. Other prizes will be announced soon. All performers need to have their valid York busking badge to participate.

Homeware company HomeSense, on Foss Islands Road, will again sponsor the event.So be sure to check out their web site if you want to grab a corkscrew or maybe a thermos on your way to Buskival.

Store manager Richard Andrews said: “We’re very excited to be part of Buskival again to celebrate the unique, diverse and entertaining musical talent in our community.”

Another great feature of Buskival, will be the workshops for anyone interested in leaning some now skills to match their talent. Performers will teach and the public will have an opportunity to improve their natural skills.

For more information check out, or Buskival Facebook page or from @York_Festivals on twitter.



Street performer Super Site set for April 18th Launch


The first of its kind site for street busking performers will be launched by the Busking Project in 2 days.

Featuring web sites for performers and online marketing  the site will serve the needs of performers everywhere. Launched 9 months ago the Busking Project has begun the process of documenting the talent available on the streets of the world. Now they want to take it to the nest level with more opportunities for buskers to make a living with their art.busqr“BUSQR”
Next up, the Busking Project has joined forces with a unique new mobile web service created especially for buskers.  Busqr uses QR code technology to bridge the gap between your street performance and the power of e-commerce and social media by providing you with a custom mobile optimised website that your audience can visit while they watch you perform!  With Busqr you can:

a) accept online payments via Paypal, iTunes or your webshop
b) capture new fans through your social media and mailing list
c)  be a part of a growing community of like-minded professional street artists.

All while you’re doing your thing in the street!  Curious?  Visit now to sign up to the mailing list and receive an InfoSheet explaining exactly how the service works and how valuable it can be for you!

This is just a taste of what the Busking Project is up to

Policing Street Culture in Ireland

A web blog called Joe is all about Ireland men and their interests. Law enforcement fits the bill. So does culture and when the two meet we see first hand, some of the more sophisticated law enforcement techniques used in dealing with street culture and street performers.

You must see this for yourself!dancing-irish-ppolice We hope that these revolutionary methods can be utilized in other cities around the world. See the video Here or click the picture