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Former Jimmy Jimmy pop rocker turned busker Jimmy Kemp announced this week that he is releasing a new CD of his latest work titled “UFO”. It is an album of all original songs and without a doubt represents the life of an artist who is compelled to create  for the love of music and his dedication to the development of his craft. This sneak preview live performance of “Lady” is one of the songs from the new CD The video was shotleon leon leon leon

Coventry’s own David Fisher

Coventry shows why once again it has a solid lineup of music and performing talent on the streets everyday. Our videographer in Coventry leon leon leon leon·posted this video last month of David Fisher singing Solsbury Hill

Jimmy Kemp Performs in New Video

 leon leon leon leon· produced a series of videos featuring the performance in Coventry of one of the towns most famous street buskers, Jimmy Kemp, formerly of the Pop group Jimmy Jimmy. The release today represented the 3rd series of performances of Jimmy K from LeonLeon who documents the local Street Performance scene in Coventry.


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Performer; Moise Cantaragiu
contact; ???

The Great Alfredo


Video artist Leon shows why Coventry in th UK may be one of the most prolific street performing capitals of the world for musicians.

With his release today of a series of videos featuring street performer Chris Stapleton, Leon Leon captures some wonderful performances by an as yet little known talent. Check out more from Chris on Leon’s You Tube channel

If you want to contact Chris Stapleton or send him some fan mail you can email him at kingofmercia@hotmail.co.uk

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