#Buskival May 25 and 26 #York Township #UK

 #Street Musicians, #buskers and street performers of all kinds will converge on the city of York this year for the second annual Buskival there.

The data entry on reversing the draconian street performing laws in York have not even been backup yet and the York Buskival is getting ready for the May event. Thanks to the efforts of Jonny Walker and the good citizens of York along with the brighter elements of the York Council the punishingly expensive fees for permits to perform and the extra charge for selling a CD in certain areas were re-written.

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But now that is all behind and this years festival is expected to be better than last years. Even the hours have been extended till 7pm on Saturday. We assume that since Buskival is announcing that many of the favorite York buskers will be performing, that Jonny will be there. If you are there you can vote for your favorite busker. A £150 prize will be awarded to the favorite of the day. Other prizes will be announced soon. All performers need to have their valid York busking badge to participate.

Homeware company HomeSense, on Foss Islands Road, will again sponsor the event.So be sure to check out their web site if you want to grab a corkscrew or maybe a thermos on your way to Buskival.

Store manager Richard Andrews said: “We’re very excited to be part of Buskival again to celebrate the unique, diverse and entertaining musical talent in our community.”

Another great feature of Buskival, will be the workshops for anyone interested in leaning some now skills to match their talent. Performers will teach and the public will have an opportunity to improve their natural skills.

For more information check out yorkfestivals.com, or Buskival Facebook page or from @York_Festivals on twitter.