One Man Band from Boston in second Video this week

I wish I would have posted that video I saw this week now but it wasn’t as good as this one. I am generally not a big fan of one man bands because somehow in trying to get all the different sounds in the arrangement the overall performance seems to suffer. This one is not so bad and reasonably entertaining. In fact the mechanism he uses to create all the sound is very ingenious.

Bomber Targets Free Streets in Boston

100+ injured two dead.  Attack on open streets in Boston.

The forces of hatred and intolerance blew people away people celebrating the marathon in the streets of Boston today in an attack on the freedom of people to assemble. People were cut to pieces in an effort to enforce a political cultural, personal or perhaps psychotic street level agenda which is unclear at this time.

Our hearts go out to the individuals, family and friends of all those who were so cheaply, cowardly and tragically affected today. Let us resolve to work more closely together in our communities to find the ways we need to know each other better and develop the tools to keep our streets safe, for people to live and ideas to express.

Max Judelson Offers Ten TipsWrites Wall Street Journal Piece…

Max Judelson Offers Ten Tips

Writes Wall Street Journal Piece for Street Performers and Non Performers Alike

If you don’t know who Max Judelson is then you probably do not frequent the MGH (Massachusetts General Hospital) stop on the Red Line in Boston (between March and October) from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. However if you do happen to commute at that time you have probably heard him playing the cello rain or shine. He is an accomplished jazz and classical musician who says he loves to put a smile on the faces of children and appreciates the commuter who will wait for the next train in order to hear him play just a little bit longer.

Max has been playing on the streets for a living since 2006 and  moved to Boston in the fall of 2008 to study at Boston Conservatory.

Though it is difficult to find videos of Max playing on YouTube I found this one by,Bob ColbyBob Colby

.You can read his delightful piece in the Wall Street Journal “Ten Rules for Street Musicians”