Crazy Boy Towed by Motor Bike

Crazy Boy Towed by Motor Bike

The Dare Devil in this video must remain anonymous. Not even the licence plate on the scooter can be revealed in this video due to the many infractions of law as the governments feels it must protect us all from ourselves. This young dare-devil will not be deterred.

But what about safety?

The best part about being a Young Daredevil…

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Have you heard of the Buskers Guide ? These guys are going…

Have you heard of the Buskers Guide ? These guys are going around the world and learning all the laws, documenting the process. Check em out! @Regrann from @thebuskersguide – After our trek up #tablemountain a few days ago we decided 2 things. First was to kick the ciggs and 2nd was its a #magic place to #shoot a #filmclip.
We dont have any thing recorded yet but Wrist Legend @joshjohnstonemusic is about to release a killer #album and he just happens to be our latest #drifterbuddy!
We decided against walking up it again and used the #cablecar instead. We don’t have the #c100 anymore so we’re going #drifter style and using a #gopro and the #7d. you can catch all 3 of us playing tonight at #houseofmachines open mic!!!! #canon #buskers #busk #busking #capetown #southafrica #music #coleclark #guitar #film #lightscamerawristy #justce4luke #adventure #travel #nature #Regrann

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Live from Hollywood

The Stars of the Show on our first live broadcast on Street I am TV was An Ivy League Summer” one of the best groups you will have an opportunity to see on the streets this year. Be sure to catch them in action by checking their schedule on their Facebook Page.The broadcast  took place on July 10th this year and is planned to be only the first of many more. We will also be doing live broadcasts from the beach Pasadena and Universal Studios CityWalk

An Ivy League Summer” performs their original song on Hollywood Blvd

Here as some other takes from our broadcast.

A short interview and slice of the life of the Incredible Hulk costumed character on Hollywood Blvd.

Street I Am TV Ashtray bangs the buckets live Street I Am TV

On our first performance of our first broadcast from the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ashtray beats out a rhythm on the buckets as he does almost every day on Hollywood Blvd CA. Special shout out and thanks to Ashtray for giving out first upload his special touch.
to contact Ashtray you can email him at

Andrew Potter Fringe Festival Hollywood Interview

OK it’s 1980


Where do you go when you graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a BA; major in English Lit; and you want to enjoy a profitable adventure?  Well if you are Andrew Potter you learn to juggle fire. Then you move to the city of San Francisco, CA, US, create the High Street Circus, work out some heart stopping routines with your college buddy, take up residence in a beer vat at the old Hamm’s (The Beer Refreshing) factory, get yourself on stage busking then travel the world.

Since most people these days or any other days, would not pursue that kind of road to high street, which interestingly enough is the name of Andrew Potter’s new stage production “The Road To High Street”, it makes a person want to ask; Who is Andrew Potter? And what kind of person would do that?

In this video interview recorded after one of his scheduled appearances at the Fringe Festival in Hollywood, we decided to seek the answers to questions not revealed in the theater production.Iru Streetiam Iru Streetiam

Now in the final stages of development, “The Road to High Street” is being fully realized as Andrew Potter takes the show across the nation.  If you would like to make your participation a part of the final production, then enjoy a unique audience experience at a theater near you.

Tickets still available for The Road To High Street at the P_1_i_2202462 

300,000 expected for #Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann

The Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann street festival promises to be an exceptional experience and a one of a kind, world class event, celebrating traditional Irish music on the streets of Derry, Londonderry, UK this August. The atendance will be so huge that they are thinking of deciding to close the busy Shipquay Street, Waterloo Place, Guildhall Square and the quay


#Chinese #Street #Musician Remembered

Chinese Peoples Daily pays tribute today to Hua Yanjun, a street musician credited with with writing one of the saddest songs in all of China. Before he died, he recorded it for posterity on a borrowed erhu and pipa by a musicologist with a crude recording machine in 1950.


#Scotiabank #BuskerFest announces Lineup

Dream State Circus, an Aussie/English duo, Sophie and Jacob McGrath. “If people see something with their own eyes then they beleive it is possible, one of my greatest joys is expanding people’s minds.” -Jacob 2007

Germany’s CANDYman

 John Eicke John Eicke·

Charlie Caper, Sweden Winner – Sweden’s Got Talent 2009
2nd Price – World Championship of Magic,
Parlour Magic 2009

USA Break Dancers