Andrew Potter Fringe Festival Hollywood Interview

OK it’s 1980


Where do you go when you graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a BA; major in English Lit; and you want to enjoy a profitable adventure?  Well if you are Andrew Potter you learn to juggle fire. Then you move to the city of San Francisco, CA, US, create the High Street Circus, work out some heart stopping routines with your college buddy, take up residence in a beer vat at the old Hamm’s (The Beer Refreshing) factory, get yourself on stage busking then travel the world.

Since most people these days or any other days, would not pursue that kind of road to high street, which interestingly enough is the name of Andrew Potter’s new stage production “The Road To High Street”, it makes a person want to ask; Who is Andrew Potter? And what kind of person would do that?

In this video interview recorded after one of his scheduled appearances at the Fringe Festival in Hollywood, we decided to seek the answers to questions not revealed in the theater production.Iru Streetiam Iru Streetiam

Now in the final stages of development, “The Road to High Street” is being fully realized as Andrew Potter takes the show across the nation.  If you would like to make your participation a part of the final production, then enjoy a unique audience experience at a theater near you.

Tickets still available for The Road To High Street at the P_1_i_2202462 

Derry Music Fest Starts Friday; Buskers Wanted

Have you a talent or musical gift to share with the wider world? Well, an integral part of this Friday’s Music City! will be the Roaring Meg Busking Festival – and the Gasyard Wall Féile is encouraging local buskers to take to the streets to win cash prizes, including the top prize of £1,000!


Buskers and Beauty at Storm Lake Iowa

The 4th of July will be a big deal this year at the Storm Lake Festival.


Street performer Poppin’ Penelope has become a perennial favorite for the Storm Lake Fourth of July event.

There should be something for everyone at the 2013 Star Spangled Spectacular in Storm Lake. Whether you like stompin’ bluegrass music and big-band sounds, amazing juggling skills or exciting cardboard boat racing, a charming puppet show or street-style performers ranging from stiltwalking to outright piracy, plans are shaping up for a fun Fourth.

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Downtown Holland Street Performers Series

Starts tonight with 32 opening acts entertaining visitors in Holland Michigan. Aerialists, magicians, acrobats musicians all there to entertain. The free public Street Performers Series that every Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. now until Aug. 29.


Busk for Free in Hull

The musicians and acrobats in Hull that perform on the streets just got a little more freedom. A registration fee charged to buskers wanting to perform in the city centre has been dropped.

The £10 fee introduced by the city council recently hit the wrong note with some musicians.

  1. housemartNot yet Housemartins Paul Heaton (left) and Stan Cullimore busk on Hull’s Whitefriargate

They complained the council’s move was an attempt to regulate busking. They also claimed it put people off performing because of the extra cost.

#Scotiabank #BuskerFest announces Lineup

Dream State Circus, an Aussie/English duo, Sophie and Jacob McGrath. “If people see something with their own eyes then they beleive it is possible, one of my greatest joys is expanding people’s minds.” -Jacob 2007

Germany’s CANDYman

 John Eicke John Eicke·

Charlie Caper, Sweden Winner – Sweden’s Got Talent 2009
2nd Price – World Championship of Magic,
Parlour Magic 2009

USA Break Dancers


Oisin Charms Leaving #Dublin for #Galway

Oisin Charms is heading out to perform in Galway as the city proceeds to consider a law banning circus type acts that involve fire,and knives. Music lovers will be interested to know that a significant number of Dublin Councillors also want to deny drums and amplification beyond the capacity of one 15 watt amp. Who are these people?

Oisin has been performing and advocating for reasonable busking regulations which would address the issues of safety and noise in Dublin. He is quoted in the when asked about the proposed new laws, as saying that the restrictive measures were a disgrace.

“It is a good thing I’m moving to Galway. Buskers are the face of Dublin – if there is no face of Dublin, the city loses its character,” he said.

“If you are a tourist, you get a good experience when you come to Ireland.”

But he agreed that there needed to be some sort of control on aspects of the acts.

“I think there should be regulations on the noise,” he said.

“We try to be respectful and we don’t play music, we just have a microphone that is amplifying our voice.

“When it comes to the fire and knives, most of us have public liability insurance.

“I’ve never had any problems (with knives or fire). And buskers around the world, I don’t think there have been any major problems.

“It just gets too politically correct. I think that a city where there is a lot of performing, that shows the country is free.”

The good news is that you can now see Oisin Charms in Galway and that is just down the road as they say. Good score Galway.

As for Dublin it now looks to find a champion to bring reason to the good council of Dublin and allow this great city  the opportunity to rise to its full street culture potential and continue its modern legacy as a world street culture leader.

Government attacks #Circus Acts on #Dublin #Streets

Claire Murphy – 20 May 2013

FLAME-THROWING, sword-swallowing and drumming may all be banned from the capital’s city centre under new bye-laws.

St Louis and other cities are beginning to worry also about the safety to passersby. The drumming is a noise issue and is different from juggling dangerous objects. The volume has truly been raised on the noise issue already early in this year.  Somerville, York and other cities have already addressed it and have included ways for a variety of buskers conditions. Auckland is also getting a debate on the Busker Laws for the city. Cities may want to consider an area for that kind of busking. New York is debating a law now that creates volume friendly public areas for performing. Pier 39 on Fisherman’s Wharf has a stage where jugglers and magicians perform spectacular feats daily. People throw ,money at them.