Scum steal from 15 year old Busker

Scottish singer, songwriter and guitarist Murdo Mitchell was robbed while doing a street performance in Glasgow. Stolen was his signature red Ozark guitar which is featured on all of his work and on which he wrote all of his songs including the one featured here from his official YouTube channel.¬† His amp, microphone, and lead sheets were also ripped off which means that he can no longer busk until he can replace it all which does not seem likely for a while. According to the Evening times; The theft happened on Thursday between 8-11pm near the Halt Bar in Woodlands Road, where Murdo’s dad, John, 47, organizes stand-up comedy gigs. Since it happened at the bar their is a chance that insurance will pay for it but they are checking into that now.

The guitar case that had the guitar in it had the words Advertise Here painted on it. That was the name of his band. If anyone sees it please let him know.


Cristina from Perm Russia performs in Copenhagen

Cristina – Great Busker from Perm, Russia ūüôā

On a – for me – fairly miserable Monday, I suddenly heard this wonderful singer on the walking street in Copenhagen.

Filipe De Sousa from Portugal

Barcelona Street Music : Filipe De Sousa – Valerie (Amy Winehouse) HD : Filipe De Sousa from Portugal is singing Amy Winehouse’s song “Valerie” in Park Guell in Barcelona.

Duncan Woods in Copenhagen

Australian born guitar vocalist Duncan Woods is in Copenhagen this Spring entertaining the residents and visitors with his brand of street music fun. If you want to see him live you need to book a flight because if he gets word of a gig in France or Germany you know he will be on it.

New Web Site Designed to Empower Buskers

Busking Project Site Launch

The Busking Project has learned a lot since 2010 when it began as one of those great conversations where you say, “What if we really did this”? and then you did.

Nick had a great idea and an impossible situation so he engaged his two friends in a conversation that would change all their lives. As a result of that conversation between three friends they formed the Busking Project and began to travel the world filming and documenting the best buskers they could find. Busking can best be described as any exhibition of talent in a public location for money.

They hope through the brand new site format, which launched on schedule April 18, 2013, that the pages will empower buskers like never before on a world-wide level, allowing buskers to learn about the customs performers, laws and procedures in different places throughout the world and have a site where the world can learn more about them.After meeting buskers from all over, traveling, editing and shooting numerous terabytes of the talent                                                                            , Nick Broad, Chris Smith and Belle Crawford have learned a lot about the differences and commonalities of buskers and have built a site that is designed to serve their needs. The team has grown from 3 to 7 now and the coming year they will be finishing production of a documentary on Busking World Wide. The team now includes  musician art director, Executive Producer Jamie Catto, documentary film maker, Project Assistant Mardy Malika, filmmaker Project Assistant, Giles (Gino) Roberts and                                                                                       performer Project Assistant Dawn Dreams.

Starting with the article A Fairly Comprehensive Guide to Busking in the UK the Busking project starts the average busker out with a guideline that turns the love into a way to make a living with practical information that will be useful to anyone interested in busking as more than a hobby. It includes these links and subjects;

We will be reporting on other aspects of this site in the coming days and weeks as we follow the march of street culture and those dedicated to establishing creative,  free, safe streets everywhere.

New Orleans Photo Essay

french quqrter essay=digital journal A walk to see the many sites of the French Quarter in New Orleans becomes a photo essay if the street performers busting their busk  on a beautiful day.

the work by

By Kay Mathews

Apr 15, 2013 – yesterday in Digital Journal
will give you one more reason to visit New Orleans this year.

Making a mural Oakland style

Street artists offer a new video called

Upon The Closing Of The Childs Eyes, Sleeping Giants and Titans Rise

It documents in fast motion the steps involved in a mural recently Oakland California USA

GriffinOne will be exhibiting  indoors as well in LA as this poster indicates. hopefully more info to come.


Street performer Super Site set for April 18th Launch


The first of its kind site for street busking performers will be launched by the Busking Project in 2 days.

Featuring web sites for performers and online marketing¬† the site will serve the needs of performers everywhere. Launched 9 months ago the Busking Project has begun the process of documenting the talent available on the streets of the world. Now they want to take it to the nest level with more opportunities for buskers to make a living with their art.busqr“BUSQR”
Next up, the Busking Project has joined forces with a unique new mobile web service created especially for buskers.  Busqr uses QR code technology to bridge the gap between your street performance and the power of e-commerce and social media by providing you with a custom mobile optimised website that your audience can visit while they watch you perform!  With Busqr you can:

a) accept online payments via Paypal, iTunes or your webshop
b) capture new fans through your social media and mailing list
c)  be a part of a growing community of like-minded professional street artists.

All while you’re doing your thing in the street!  Curious?  Visit now to sign up to the mailing list and receive an InfoSheet explaining exactly how the service works and how valuable it can be for you!

This is just a taste of what the Busking Project is up to

Cambridge Street Trash Performer Unknown

Documented on the web as some guy in a trash can playing music, the trashy tunester makes his living on the pathways of Cambridge serenading tranquil tourists and scholastic strollers.

Is this some bold statement by a trashy troubadour on the education to be found today in that hallowed institution? Perhaps it is a bold personal self-observation on the performers behalf? Or or is it just some cheap trashy trick to get as much money as possible from tourists and scholars in stride?  Watch this video by Ryals Stone Ryals Stone, and decide for yourself.

This video pretty much sums it up. I do not know if this video was shot at Cambridge as it was posted long ago but I do think it sums up the entertainment value perfectly. Nice rendition to an Elvis classic. One can imagine spending a carefree minute or three, watching and listening to this guy who allows you to forget about the world on your way to someplace in it. I hope he is sitting down in there not kneeling. More comfortable I think.