Artist Nathan Sharratt; Street Art For a Rainy Day

Art you can see when it rains.

This video of a rain drawing by Atlanta artist Nathan Sharratt using NeverWet, gives you a good idea how spraying a stencil on a sidewalk or other wet surface creates words and images that can only be seen when wet.Will we see a more of this in the rainy winter months?


Reka One; New Video

Street Art Blog@streetartblog let everyone know on twitter today of the  great video from Reka One the blog by UK street artist James Reka

The video gives us a glimpse  into his process of finding discarded objects. He finds them in alleys on the ground and behind or around the outer walls of many an edifice, Then he turns them into objects d art. Some of them are not used in the piece itself but serve as inspiration for that piece.

the short documentary was filmed in London in collaboration with itdrewitself and Verynearlyalmost.

Making a mural Oakland style

Street artists offer a new video called

Upon The Closing Of The Childs Eyes, Sleeping Giants and Titans Rise

It documents in fast motion the steps involved in a mural recently Oakland California USA

GriffinOne will be exhibiting  indoors as well in LA as this poster indicates. hopefully more info to come.