Unknown Acrobat in Toronto; Street tested video

Another great unknown, this time from Toronto. This unknown performer reinforces our belief that the best new circus acts are on the street. Keep those skills coming boys and girls. Video by Sothy Sok Sothy Sok

Genuine Irish Jig? VIDEO Unknown Galway Performers

The steps the dancer at the end of the video does look like a genuine step from a traditional Irish dance. You tell me.

The way they play this music is solid.Melynas Kaktusas Melynas Kaktusas

Unknown Acrobats NYC New 5-pt Video

Rachel Walnuts Rachel Walnuts shoots a five-part video that is really well done, but does not tell us who the acrobats are and how to find them to do your party or event. If anyone knows these guys let us know the proper contact info.
On May 15th I wrote a Street I Am article about the street being the place these days to catch great circus type acts. One of the things I mentioned in passing was the way the performers in these street acts all talk a lot in order to engage the crowd, enlarge the crowd and give the various tricks a sense of certain spectacle at the finale. Well at least that is what you go for in a street act.
In this case of Funny NYC Street Performers p. 1-5, I have to tell you I haven’t seen all the tricks in the video, I just caught some of the patter and I know you are going to like it. I know that even if they blow a trick I am still going to be entertained.
If I was there perhaps they might bring one of my group who was walking by with me on the way to somewhere else into the performance for a minute. This of course is to produce that performer to average person kind of trust that is part of the whole engage the crowd routine. As the crowd looks on I could take a picture unimaginable only a minute before possible only in a situation such as this. Then what would my life be like.
Here is part 1 of this 5 video extravaganza.

Center Ring Street Acts+New Sardine Family Circus video

Where do you go to see great circus acts these days? The street of course. Unless you want to wait for the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Baily or save up for Cirque du Soleil you can find some great acrobats busking by going just walking around the right places. If you are planning to travel to a big city or you already live in one, you probably can see a great circus busker today but it may be getting more difficult according to where you are.

The sardine family for instance travels all over the world and delivers high quality acrobatics in an entertaining way that will mess you up if you get into it. WATCH  this new video release by 123popculture 123popcultureThe Sardine Family Circus is the former home of  Maximillian Fitz Griffiths who is currently appearing in the Tony Award nominated production of Pippin. (Read more)

Are you getting the picture? It is out there the great performers of the Big Top are on the corner, developing and perfecting right before your very eyes. Some are in videos but are unknown to most and do not have a name well known. This next video was a big view getter in March released by many YouTube channels that month but never did his name appear. He was instead referred to as amazing performer and the popular, you got to see this and other monikers. Shot in Union Square NYC,The version we have is from geetu zaildar geetu zaildar·As you can see the performer on the street in order to get an audience often spend much of their time engaging the crowd with witty banter which is much longer than the time of the actual trick itself.This style stands in sharp contrast to the style of performing that most circus environments offer, which is more centered around lights and music and almost no audience participation or interaction. It is a one of a kind experience available nowhere else and in the case of some performers, close to the danger. One of the great performers I’ve seen who can engage a crowd masterfully is none other than Bob of Bob At Large  Iru Streetiam Iru Streetiam video. Here are some excerpts of his performance as he, on a very cold December day about 42 degrees, is warming up the crowd for his major double finale, to be edited later.

Unfortunately for those of us who enjoy a little  circus in our street entertainment agenda, many of the ordinances being considered as of this writing in some cities, do not allow amplification at all. I have never seen in video or in person a circus street act that did not have some need of amplification. Under the laws now in effect in NYC governing park performers, no amplification is allowed. In Japan in the parks great circus acts perform with amps and it is amazing. If you want to see more great circus acts right where you live, then tell your favorite government bureaucrat to allow some amplification. Tell them you have a right to have your senses be engaged by feats of balance and aerodynamics. And if you happen to notice some of this circus acrobatics going happening on a street near you. give it a look. You might have to pay $150 to get that close tomorrow.

Unknown Puppet Dancer Mexico

Another unknown performer in a video which was released earlier this year by another YouTube channel. When we first saw it last month we did not publish it on Street I Am because we did not know the name of the performers name or the /city in Mexico where it was shot but since it is very clever and has re-surfaced again perhaps we can get someone to fill us in on the details.

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