Street Pop Videos – Passenger & New, World Folk Buskers

Street Pop Videos – Passenger & New, World Folk Buskers

Folk music revival on the streets as more singer/songwriters  busking  –
New videos from street pop superstar Passenger + original street folk music entertainers world wide –

It is all about the story in folk music. It has that in common with Rap and Country. After enjoying some of these videos you may want to go where they play and hear some more stories live . These are the stories that are…

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Buskers Aggree with Ocean City Noise Law

When violinist William Hassay, Jr. challenged Ocean City’s noise ordinance, labeling it an attempt to silence musicians, the ACLU got on board.  But a fellow busker named Milton Dean came in with some other performers to the Ocean City council meeting and spoke in support of  the enforcement of the town’s 30-foot noise ordinance on the Boardwalk.


When the Street Auditions for Politicians

Will more support from government for buskers mean ruling class auditions?

Granville Island is in the news today along with Dublin Ireland over proposed or more vigorously enforced busking laws.

The new crop of laws and ordinances being considered all over the world seem designed less in the community interest and more to give the politicians greater flexibility in carrying out regulations arbitrarily, according to their mood and view on a day-to-day basis. The real unspoken origins of all the arbitrary law enforcement actually comes from the desire in all of us to be a critic and have some power over the space we choose to occupy.

When someone complains and a law enforcement person agrees cities want to say that is the end of it and give themselves some wiggle room. However the arbitrary nature of the whole regulation enforcement aspect of the process often leave a city with court costs from litigation when the law becomes indefensible.

In order to create order many politicians are instituting auditions for bureaucrats. This practice is gaining popularity all over the world including New York and London. The question is does this not politicize the street culture and invite censorship based on the tastes of the ruling class and their cadre? Will it turn otherwise highly talented artists into suck-ups? These are the questions people ask, who believe that the only audition you need to pass is the one to keep you alive with whatever audience you can gather wherever you are able to perform.

At what point do auditions mean stepping on the freedoms of speech and assembly?Street I Am will be running numerous articles in the coming weeks and months on demographically appropriate street culture laws and ways to attract the best quality of performers and artists suitable for each neighborhood while allowing all levels of talent a chance and place to be publicly expressed.

Artsplosure gives Raleigh pianos to play in the park.


Ever wanted to go to the park to play on a well tuned artistically painted piano?

PIANOS.WKD.051413.JEL And Raleigh North Carolina is not the only town that does these things

By Adrienne Johnson Martin —

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Artsplosure program director Terri Dollar saw street pianos in other cities, she knew she wanted the project here.

“I thought it was the coolest thing,” Dollar says. “And part of the mission of Artsplosure is to do things that are imaginative, that enrich the community and that give a surprise. I thought…..
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Auckland; Trouble in a Street Performer Paradise?

What is paradise for street performers?

Well as with everything else in this world there is no perfect paradise but for street performers, New Zealand comes very close. Both New Zealand and Australia have a ton of busking festivals and competitions all the time. Kids 14 and over sometimes younger can be found in New Zealand out busking on the weekends and it is not looked down on in as great a numbers as other places in this world. A good busker is more often encouraged and appreciated in New Zealand than looked down upon.

MWSellwood MWSellwood is a multi talented Featured Videographer for Street I Am, an established guitar busker in Auckland and has been documenting the talent on the streets there and elsewhere for a while. As you will hear in this video the talent in Auckland is substantial.

So what’s up with Auckland?. The New Zealand Herald reports today that the City is deciding whether or not to limit busking and increase the fines for infractions. Now MK Sellwood is leading a discussion in Auckland to revisit the busking law and create a more socially optimized solution.

There is a general appreciation of Street Artists in Auckland. There is no permit fee for talent exhibition on the street. When complaints are raised with the authorities they are usually very reluctant to issue more than a warning and seem to use highly admirable discretion in presenting citations. Another positive is, if someone complains about the performers the authorities often let the performer know, and log it dutifully every time. Rarely does it get to the point of a fine for the performer as buskers generally move on and come back later. So that is good for the trust of the whole community. Apparently you have to be quite a bother before anybody in Auckland is going to raise a fuss.

But some apparently do complain repeatedly and seem to get no solution. So it is incumbent upon the good offices of the government in Auckland to find which of these complainers are just cranks. People who want to impose their own sense of order over others unwilling to embrace any compromise. They also need to see if some complainers raise a genuine point which will be useful in locating the places where greater than 65db may be appreciated at certain times and where less than 65db is appreciated all the time. Why? Because sound carries differently in different places and sometimes a stakeholder has to think without being subjected to the same song they’ve had to listen to 3 times a day every day, at just a bit to loud a volume, right outside their door.

Sometimes the ability of the stakeholder to think helps keep that street a profitable place to busk. Sometimes your personality or business model just might not work for certain neighborhoods. Sometimes the culture in a place, is what gives it the prestige you want for your business or residence. So you might think before you move in and change the culture if it results in damage the desirability of the place.

Street I Am is based in the Los Angeles area and I can give you 2 examples of 2 different policies one mile apart.Venice Beach is a world famous destination where you do not even need a permit to perform or recite poetry or play a radio and ask for money. It is one of the last places in the USA where free speech of this type is still available and Google as well as other tech firms have offices. Other high end money and residents live and work here and the culture keeps them coming. Performers need to pack it up at sundown. The performers talent runs from spotty to eccentrically brilliant.Santa Monica 3rd St Promenade and Pier is a different affair. It is wealthy to solid middle income heaven and the performers all pay a reasonable fee for a permit. The talent is more professional and have cards and contact info and  often of the big stage and pre big stage level. This video, songwriting street star and busking beauty NAIA KETE performs on the 3rd St Promenade in Santa Monica California USA.

65db is the sound limit everywhere in Auckland, no matter where you are no matter what the time. This one size fits all approach by government entities is not exclusive to Auckland. It is simply the way that bureaucrats who are lazy and/or opportunistic govern and as usual we find that it may not be useful for street culture. Unfortunately now the City Council of Auckland wants to double down on this current inefficiency and make fines unbearable and start giving themselves the power of police judge and jury over any complaint. They seem to some to seek the power to decide what is art.

Performer Edward Harcourt reckons stressed Aucklanders might need a quirky street magician to slow them down. Photo / Michael CraigLearn more about the performers in Auckland in

Muffled: a city’s musical heart

By Rhiannon Marley, Joanna Mathers


From Street Lamp to Limelight

Is it just a phase that the entertainment industry is going through or is it a search for new talent beyond the major labels self appointed hipsters and people with connections. Well whatever it is it seems that more and more the sidewalk is becoming the new little bar or nightclub where new talent get proven out.

Item one; The Little Munchkin CrewLittle Munchkins Aerosmith  Picture: Zack Whitford. Brothers Ryan, 13, and Jaryd, 10, Bennet were seen from the window of the Crown casino restaurant on Saturday before last by Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. So if you haven’t heard about this, he loved them and decided to have them perform onstage on the next night and perform with the band.Now they may also be performing at the final Melbourne show at Rod Laver Arena Saturday.

And how about those Luminites EMBARGOED TO 0001 SATURDAY APRIL 27 ITV undated handout photo of Luminites during the Manchester auditions for the ITV1 talent show, Britain's Got Talent. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Saturday April 27, 2013.  Photo credit should read: Ken McKay/ITV /PA Wire NOTE TO EDITORS: This handout photo may only be used in for editorial reporting purposes for the contemporaneous illustration of events, things or the people in the image or facts mentioned in the caption. Reuse of the picture may require further permission from the copyright holder. (Picture: PA)                       They are tearing it up on Britain’s Got Talent. A group of talented buskers that took a chance on a national show and by all reporting are receiving an overwhelming response from the shows fans who vote for their favorites just like the US show American Idol.

Then there is Passenger on a world tour and of course the two Broadway stars Glen Hansard Singer songwriter and now Broadway writer/composer/performer and Orion Venture Maximilian Fitz Griffiths Street Performer and Acrobat with the Tony nominated show Pippin.

Everywhere you look around the street culture scene, the people are finding a new world of entertainment right where they live and work and shop that is competing with the tastes of the elites. In the past to get noticed as a band you had to go to a bar where the patron had to be a person who has a night free, $20 minimum including parking and drinks and gas and snack. This limited the people who could see the performer and influence their commercial direction. Often the performer did not get paid. Now the street more and more is being recognized as a legitimate stage for quality talent.

So the next time you are out and you hear the sound of the street performer, take a minute. You may be able to brag that you knew how great they were before anyone else.

You can officially call Myra the first guest to contribute a…

You can officially call Myra the first guest to contribute a Pocket Change Lifestyle.  She’s not just a follower, she is a contributor!  

Myra Dettelbach-

If you happen to be walking through the Boston Commons on your way to Newbury street, you might find yourself seeing this guy. Located at the end of the bridge you cross where they filmed parts of “Good Will Hunting,” this man is set up with his dog, hats and CD’s laid out for $15. Greeting everyone with a smile, he doesn’t sing, he just plays his (Max-you gotta check what instrument?) A girl walked by with a  ”Berklee College of Music” sweatshirt and he smiled and stopped her to ask if she attended there, he then went on to say “That’s great, music is the best thing.” It was nice to pause and just see how he interacted with people who passed him by. He’s accompanied by his guard dog.  

(Picture and description Courtesy of Myra Dettelbach)

Myra Dettelbach-  “Season Grey” Walking about half way down…

Myra Dettelbach- 

“Season Grey”

Walking about half way down Newbury street, I saw this group of guys playing guitars, drums and a banjo. I stopped to hear their music because it reminded me of a country band “Love & Theft.” This group, “Season Grey”, started to have about twenty people gathered around taking pictures and clapping. Their style was country which was ironic to be walking down Newbury street. With amazing harmonies and talent, these guys will hopefully make it far. The crowd really seemed to be enjoying their music and most importantly the group of guys looked like they were loving every second of it.

(Pictures and description Courtesy of Myra Dettelbach)