Steve Jobs Syrian Refugee stencil fuels Banksy mission

Steve Jobs Syrian Refugee stencil fuels Banksy mission

Banksy is very talented. Considered a man of the people, he is also celebrated by many of the richest 1%. They buy his work at auction for widely publicized, ostentatious sums. This Steve Jobs Syrian refugee stencil is his latest work. – By Banksy – Steve Jobs, the son of a migrant from Syria DECEMBER 12, 2015 BY STREETIAM LEAVE A COMMENT Street Art by Banksy. – Steve Jobs, the son of a migrant…

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STREET STORY 10-09-15; Great urban outdoors

STREET STORY 10-09-15; Great urban outdoors


An urban street culture roundup

File our top STREET STORY 10-09-15 under the heading of back to the future. What happens when the experts use the power of government tell the people where the road will go and what they can do about it. Well in this case even though it took em 50 years the people closed the road and have a celebratory feast.

What Happens When 500 People…

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Banksy Wannabees of 2014 Stories and Artists

Banksy Wannabees of 2014 Stories and Artists

Banksy Wannabees--

If you can’t spell street art try Banksy –
Banksy Wannabees are taking over print journalism –

Banksy wannabees are artists who identify with Banksy and publications who exploit the word Banksy in their writing to get more reads. Artist Banksy Wannabees are often referred to as the Paris Banksy or some other city.   Banksy wannabees who write articles believe that more people…

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2014 Banksy news; Can the brand sustain value?

2014 Banksy news; Can the brand sustain value?

2014 Banksy News Roundup

Ruling class’s Favorite bad boy makes news
Charities, Art thieves, and HBO. All part of the 2014 Banksy News –

We learned a little bit more about the elusive artist in the 2014 Banksy news coverage this year. These are the stories.

2014 Banksy News Headlines

Banksy hits out at exhibition of his art in tongue-in-cheek web posting

The selling of the Banksy and the…

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Hong Kong street art challenge: Banksy Invader

Hong Kong street art challenge: Banksy Invader

Hong Kong Street art Challenge

Calling all street artists   —
Invader, Banksy others, so far remain silent —

The landscape of freedom may be shrinking before our eyes as the street artists of Hong Kong increasingly find themselves alone. Their actions constitute a Hong Kong street art challenge. What our answer is, will forever define our generation.

New video shows spirit and talent of Hong Kongs…

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Banksy walls, the tale of two charities

Banksy walls, the tale of two charities

Banksy reveals favorite charity? Bristol youth club gifted –
Organization receives Banksy’s art on plywood fastened to their building –
Detroit 555 Non-profit considers how to proceed with their disputed Banksy walls –

Anyone who thinks that this one of the two Banksy walls in Bristol wasn’t placed there to be sold at auction isn’t appreciating the logistics. Since “Mobile Lovers” was painted on…

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Crimea street art, Bieber vs Banksy and the sublime

Crimea street art, Bieber vs Banksy and the sublime

Crimea street art, our canary in a coalmine –
Banksy Battles Bieber –
Street Entertainment news for 04-15-14 Street art  weekend features –

The Crimea is getting a lot of attention lately but what is the street art there saying?

Unknown street artists made the NBC news report from Crimea this week. NBC is interested in telling us that they found both pro and anti Putin/Russian street art there. crimea -streetart.nbcnews-video

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i♥ Street Art announces art givaway on a Vancouver St.

i♥ Street Art announces art givaway on a Vancouver St.

“i♥ Street Art” placing 3 free original canvases this week –
Mysterious world famous street art artist will post location –
Where in Vancouver will the art be placed? Who will be first?

On February 28th an equally mysterious artist who goes by the name of Banksy shared this picture of  the Vancouver street art artist i♥ Street Art. i♥ Street Art Nobody Likes MeThe piece is called Nobody likes me which is a contradiction in…

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