Love that spiral effect! #Repost @kana_hoop with…

Love that spiral effect! #Repost @kana_hoop with @repostapp
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Once (2006)

Directed by John Carney.

There’s something about a creative love story that gets me every time.  Don’t get me wrong some of the cliche’ ones have their ups and downs, but this one filled up a previously vacant part of my heart.  First you’ve got this unnamed guy and this unnamed girl.  I think the decision to not disclose the names gives each of the characters an even more underground, fly on the wall kind of sense.  Anyways, the guy is a guitarist/singer-songwriter in Dublin who fixes vacuum cleaners by day and plays for money on the Dublin streets by night.  On the other hand you’ve got this girl who does all of these odd jobs by day while also taking care of her mother and sister, but finds occasional time to mess around with the piano.  Of course their paths cross, thank god, because they end up making beautiful, soul-touching music.  The guy wants to make it in London, but needs to put together a demo disc that will catch the higher-ups ears and land him a music contract somewhere.  As they work on creating beautiful music, they discover love in the craziest place, their songs.  

Now I know that not every street performer’s story isn’t like this one, but what I find intriguing about it is that they both started on the streets and made it somewhere.  That’s the whole point of becoming a part of street theatre, isn’t it?.  You trade hours and hours of hard work for your spot beside on the sidewalk, entertaining the passerby.  Most do it because they love it, some are in it to get noticed and some just need a few extra bucks for some drinks.  Hansard had a vision and that was of being able to play music in London at recording studio, and this film was about how he get there, with a little help from his love interest.  

This film could have been made with another street talent like juggling or magic and still would’ve been awesome.  Maybe I’ll have to write a screenplay about a performer with a really obscure hobby, turned talent, who wants to make it to the circus.  I hope you guys would watch that for me, it’d mean a lot.  But all in all, this is one of my favorites and if you’re into street performing, or at least give it a thought, give this film a watch.  Also, give Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova a listen because it’s an absolutely beautiful song!


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Glen Hansard busking in NY for CBS.

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