Margaret Cho, Busking & Obama Net

Margaret Cho, Busking & Obama Net

Serious fun with Margaret   —
One man band is fun and great – Obama net is just serious   –

A lot of heart and soul on the busking side from Margaret Cho today.  An outstanding one man band from another street gets some props too. Meanwhile, street culture coverage of busking on our net, may become a matter of government discretion soon. But don’t worry. Obama says everything is gonna be alright.

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PIPE DRUM; latest one of a kind street instrument

PIPE DRUM; latest one of a kind street instrument

Artistic Innovation is surviving on the street  –
Amazing one of a kind  instruments a major part of street performance  –
Australian Rubber band  Pipe drum busker Jake Clark  –

Pipe drum inventor, performer Jake Clark is getting a lot of notice these days. Everyday since  this video was released, he has been getting coverage in publications world wide.

pipe drum Pipe_Guy_3003540a

Coolest busker I’ve ever seen [PIPE GUY]…

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