Dave Lang and the Twin Otters #busk in the #harborfront in…

Dave Lang and the Twin Otters #busk in the #harborfront in #victoriabc. They are so funny!

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Street Pop Videos – Passenger & New, World Folk Buskers

Street Pop Videos – Passenger & New, World Folk Buskers

Folk music revival on the streets as more singer/songwriters  busking  –
New videos from street pop superstar Passenger + original street folk music entertainers world wide –

It is all about the story in folk music. It has that in common with Rap and Country. After enjoying some of these videos you may want to go where they play and hear some more stories live . These are the stories that are…

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Scum steal from 15 year old Busker

Scottish singer, songwriter and guitarist Murdo Mitchell was robbed while doing a street performance in Glasgow. Stolen was his signature red Ozark guitar which is featured on all of his work and on which he wrote all of his songs including the one featured here from his official YouTube channel.  His amp, microphone, and lead sheets were also ripped off which means that he can no longer busk until he can replace it all which does not seem likely for a while. According to the Evening times; The theft happened on Thursday between 8-11pm near the Halt Bar in Woodlands Road, where Murdo’s dad, John, 47, organizes stand-up comedy gigs. Since it happened at the bar their is a chance that insurance will pay for it but they are checking into that now.

The guitar case that had the guitar in it had the words Advertise Here painted on it. That was the name of his band. If anyone sees it please let him know.


Tasmanian Howler Claire Taylor new audio

On March 30 we reported that Claire Taylor was a winner in Byron Bay Australia.

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Now a new recording of her Tasmanian Howl vocal style shows why she is such a hit and will soon be headlining all over the world.

Clare TaylorCheck out this amazing audio recently recorded at a secret place, shown in this picture. It was just posted on http://blogs.abc.net.au We have cleverly titled it; to-air-claire-taylor-Buskerfest-winner-ByronBay-TasmaniaVoice

mmmm Hey look out Passenger and Bieber. this artist is heading your way.

Filipe De Sousa from Portugal

Barcelona Street Music : Filipe De Sousa – Valerie (Amy Winehouse) HD

http://WorldStreetMusic.com : Filipe De Sousa from Portugal is singing Amy Winehouse’s song “Valerie” in Park Guell in Barcelona.

Nathan the Venice Beach Piano


Street Busker #2
Whereabouts: Venice Beach

That is Nathan. I haven’t seen him out there since I walked by in the Fall and saw the cops giving him a ticket and threatening to take away his cat unless he put it on a lease. The cat, sleeps on the piano while he plays.

Nathan was visibly shaken I remember during the seemingly needless ordeal. The police could not has gotten one complaint from anyone because the cat is never out of control always as cool as a cat can be.

Nathan did not want to talk about it. I walked by later. Nathan and the cat were gone, his beloved piano still there. I can sometimes talk with Nathan. He is wired differently from most of the people I have met and is guarded and mistrustful of others. He instead engages the Venice Ocean Front Walk in a brilliant conversation of a musical nature. A continuously variable transmission of blues, jazz, classical, rock show tune resonance, blended and flowing like butter and syrup down the beach and through the ears of the passersby.

Laws need to be enforced according to the needs of the community not for the sake of the law itself. Therefore they should be enforced only when necessary. In this way it can serve to bind the fragile weave of social interaction. In this instance the cats presence unleashed contributed ti the environment of Venice Beach.

I will feel a bit safer next time I visit Venice Beach if I know that the law is enforced in such a way, that I am able to see Nathan playing his musical mish mash with his cat sleeping on the piano, unleashed and at peace.