Street Act Sells 4000 CD’s

Anthony Kupinic started Pludo with the help of bucket drummer Alex Cooper. Playing on street stages all over Australia has gotten them quite a following and a good deal of CD sales in the last few months.


Malaysian Music from Genji Buskers

A series of videos from street performer and video channel Ezwan Rohman Ezwan Rohman is on YouTube released late last week and the results are worth checking out. The video Genji Busker ft Bob Aizad ( Alam Busker ) – Teman Pengganti is a pop rock piece that you wish you could hear better and look forward to a studio recording and who knows perhaps you might get that someday. . The other songs on the YouTube channel are all fresh, alive with each piece generating an original sound full of talent. Check out the vocal in this video. It is hard to hear but what you do hear sounds great.

The Phenomenon of Street Music

The Phenomenon of Street Music – street music documentary made by World Street Music project. We filmed more than 200 videos with talented street musicians from France, Spain, Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Netherlands, Colombia and other countries discovering what is music and what is street music. We want to change people’s stereotypes about musicians who perform in the street because some of the are amazing… just stop and listen.

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Daniel Wapples video

The man who has single handedly done more to make the term hang drum a household name resurfaces in a new video by strangeclip strangeclip channel

Lowell Buskers New video series

 Ratbas Ratbas

released a series of six videos on Saturday featuring performances by some of the street musicians that perform in Lowell MA, USA. The performers include Dave Warren.who you can find on

Other performers include Reverend JJ and The Casual Sinners (aka Justin Burns).

The buskers in Lowell must be considered pretty good as the town passed laws late in 2012 allowing them to play in the middle of Downtown where there is a good audience during the Cities music festival in July which has five stages going on as well.  Check out this video and decide for yourself.

Brothers Moving video from theactionjacksontv

Brothers Moving – Minnie the Moocher (@ Union Square) NYC: The Back of the Busk

Brothers Moving perform “Minnie the Moocher” in Union Square