I love these black and white photos you guys make. @Regrann from…

I love these black and white photos you guys make. @Regrann from @vcferry – the music echoes in the emptiness. #newyorkcity #nyc #newyorker #streetphotography #streetphoto_bw #streetbw #streettogs #bnw_life #bnw_captures #bnw_magazine #streettogs #urbanphotography #documentaryphotography #photojournalism #streetphotographers #monochrome #washingtonsquarepark #saxophone #blues #streetmusician #sonyimages #sonya7rii #thebeautifulstruggle #Regrann

Luke Hurley new video from MW Sellwood

MWSellwood MWSellwood is perhaps one of the best you tube channels currently documenting the performance street culture in Auckland, New Zealand.

Awesome street musician guitarist busker!!

Here he introduces you to the amazing guitar work of busker Luke Hurley Playing his heart out on Queen Street.


Johnnie Lin, Australian Street Musician : Pure Guitar Magazine

Like Johnnie’s guitar page here:

Busking – the tradition of playing in public for tips – goes back centuries. Many revered blues musicians began by playing on the streets – Blind Lemon Jefferson, Robert Johnson, Lightnin’ Hopkins, B.B.

Benny Kaz Benny Kaz

Down Under Top Teen Talent

Caboolture Busking Competition Winner Announced. And the winner is…. wait for it. 13 year old Enya Hetherington from Ramsay who busks regularly at the market in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. The open busking competition at the Urban Country Music Festival in Caboolture, was held on Sunday.

The encouragement of the people of Australia and New Zealand for young people learning to perform well by entertaining on the streets has resulted in some amazing talent being brought to the attention of the public through Street I Am as well as other publications and Enya is definitely in the tradition of great talent from down under. Check out the great guitar playing by 14 year olds Sam Cashman & Nick Jansen who won a busking competition in Byron Bay There is also another young Byron Bay competition winner by the name of Claire Taylor who recorded this song soon after her win.

In this video by    Darryl Hetherington Darryl Hetherington you will hear a sound in the process of full development and she is only just starting Personally I cannot wait for the album.

Tasmanian Howler Claire Taylor new audio

On March 30 we reported that Claire Taylor was a winner in Byron Bay Australia.

Article Here

Now a new recording of her Tasmanian Howl vocal style shows why she is such a hit and will soon be headlining all over the world.

Clare TaylorCheck out this amazing audio recently recorded at a secret place, shown in this picture. It was just posted on http://blogs.abc.net.au We have cleverly titled it; to-air-claire-taylor-Buskerfest-winner-ByronBay-TasmaniaVoice

mmmm Hey look out Passenger and Bieber. this artist is heading your way.

Nathan the Venice Beach Piano


Street Busker #2
Whereabouts: Venice Beach

That is Nathan. I haven’t seen him out there since I walked by in the Fall and saw the cops giving him a ticket and threatening to take away his cat unless he put it on a lease. The cat, sleeps on the piano while he plays.

Nathan was visibly shaken I remember during the seemingly needless ordeal. The police could not has gotten one complaint from anyone because the cat is never out of control always as cool as a cat can be.

Nathan did not want to talk about it. I walked by later. Nathan and the cat were gone, his beloved piano still there. I can sometimes talk with Nathan. He is wired differently from most of the people I have met and is guarded and mistrustful of others. He instead engages the Venice Ocean Front Walk in a brilliant conversation of a musical nature. A continuously variable transmission of blues, jazz, classical, rock show tune resonance, blended and flowing like butter and syrup down the beach and through the ears of the passersby.

Laws need to be enforced according to the needs of the community not for the sake of the law itself. Therefore they should be enforced only when necessary. In this way it can serve to bind the fragile weave of social interaction. In this instance the cats presence unleashed contributed ti the environment of Venice Beach.

I will feel a bit safer next time I visit Venice Beach if I know that the law is enforced in such a way, that I am able to see Nathan playing his musical mish mash with his cat sleeping on the piano, unleashed and at peace.

Jimmy Kemp Performs in New Video

 leon leon leon leon· produced a series of videos featuring the performance in Coventry of one of the towns most famous street buskers, Jimmy Kemp, formerly of the Pop group Jimmy Jimmy. The release today represented the 3rd series of performances of Jimmy K from LeonLeon who documents the local Street Performance scene in Coventry.

New Juzzie Smith Video

Australian street Performer Juzzie Smith shows us why he is among the most talented street performers in the world as he tunes up a bit of juggling blues.Recorded in Byron Bay home of the recent busking competition earlier this month it is a performance you have never seen anywhere else.

Cambridge Street Trash Performer Unknown

Documented on the web as some guy in a trash can playing music, the trashy tunester makes his living on the pathways of Cambridge serenading tranquil tourists and scholastic strollers.

Is this some bold statement by a trashy troubadour on the education to be found today in that hallowed institution? Perhaps it is a bold personal self-observation on the performers behalf? Or or is it just some cheap trashy trick to get as much money as possible from tourists and scholars in stride?  Watch this video by Ryals Stone Ryals Stone, and decide for yourself.

This video pretty much sums it up. I do not know if this video was shot at Cambridge as it was posted long ago but I do think it sums up the entertainment value perfectly. Nice rendition to an Elvis classic. One can imagine spending a carefree minute or three, watching and listening to this guy who allows you to forget about the world on your way to someplace in it. I hope he is sitting down in there not kneeling. More comfortable I think.