Trumpet Performance on the Amsterdam Harbor


You have heard of street performing and street busking. You have heard of street musicians and street music. Now, from some of the great minds of antiquity, come harbor music.

In this video an unknown performer of talent blows a trumpet sound off the water, that is unlike any other surface a trumpet sound can be blown off of. I wonder, what would other sounds be like off the sea water between the berths in Amsterdam. Street Performers like any business are looking for a new thing that is one of a kind that is enjoyable to experience.

If this waterway performer is successful will other performers create other wharf performance areas?  What about the canals of Venice?

New Juzzie Smith Video

Australian street Performer Juzzie Smith shows us why he is among the most talented street performers in the world as he tunes up a bit of juggling blues.Recorded in Byron Bay home of the recent busking competition earlier this month it is a performance you have never seen anywhere else.

Gabriel Angelo Does Bev. Hills

The San Francisco favorite was caught on tape yesterday in an unannounced street concert dancing and blowing trumpet on Rodeo Drive.This may be a good career move for young Gabriel and I am sure if he stays with it he will be seen on a TV show or two before it is all over.

video by George Vreeland HillGeorge Vreeland Hill

Former busker Richard Peterson to open for Jeff Bridges

#SFist names Gabriel Angelo one of San Francisco’s best

#SFist names  #GabrielAngelo one of #SanFrancisco;s best #Street #Performers #buskers. The #video they use sucks. This one is only a month old and is by Gabriel himself. Much Better
 EPK 2 

Gabriel AngeloGabriel Angelo·

Fiery Tuba


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