Great moment! Photo by @ericglissant – Spin that shit…

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Busking content control sought by Dublin officials

Busking content control sought by Dublin officials

Street Entertainment Enterprise Districts

The creative arts is not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word government official. So why should they control busking content or public creative expression. Government should protect us from dangers to personal life and property only.

busking content Bono Busks On Grafton Street

Freedom of Expression and Busking Content

At this time the Grafton Street mercantile interests are…

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Hub street performers may face fees, regulations

Hub street performers may face fees, regulations

Boston buskers performing in public areas could face regulations and permit fees under a proposal from two city councilors. Alleged unruly, loud and bullying breakdancers on the public plaza in front of Faneuil Hall, prompted the proposed street performer ordinance, City Councilor Sal LaMattina said. “I have no problem […]

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Government attacks #Circus Acts on #Dublin #Streets

Claire Murphy – 20 May 2013

FLAME-THROWING, sword-swallowing and drumming may all be banned from the capital’s city centre under new bye-laws.

St Louis and other cities are beginning to worry also about the safety to passersby. The drumming is a noise issue and is different from juggling dangerous objects. The volume has truly been raised on the noise issue already early in this year.  Somerville, York and other cities have already addressed it and have included ways for a variety of buskers conditions. Auckland is also getting a debate on the Busker Laws for the city. Cities may want to consider an area for that kind of busking. New York is debating a law now that creates volume friendly public areas for performing. Pier 39 on Fisherman’s Wharf has a stage where jugglers and magicians perform spectacular feats daily. People throw ,money at them.

Unknown Acrobat in Toronto; Street tested video

Another great unknown, this time from Toronto. This unknown performer reinforces our belief that the best new circus acts are on the street. Keep those skills coming boys and girls. Video by Sothy Sok Sothy Sok

Genuine Irish Jig? VIDEO Unknown Galway Performers

The steps the dancer at the end of the video does look like a genuine step from a traditional Irish dance. You tell me.

The way they play this music is solid.Melynas Kaktusas Melynas Kaktusas