New Juzzie Smith Video

Australian street Performer Juzzie Smith shows us why he is among the most talented street performers in the world as he tunes up a bit of juggling blues.Recorded in Byron Bay home of the recent busking competition earlier this month it is a performance you have never seen anywhere else.

Cambridge Street Trash Performer Unknown

Documented on the web as some guy in a trash can playing music, the trashy tunester makes his living on the pathways of Cambridge serenading tranquil tourists and scholastic strollers.

Is this some bold statement by a trashy troubadour on the education to be found today in that hallowed institution? Perhaps it is a bold personal self-observation on the performers behalf? Or or is it just some cheap trashy trick to get as much money as possible from tourists and scholars in stride?  Watch this video by Ryals Stone Ryals Stone, and decide for yourself.

This video pretty much sums it up. I do not know if this video was shot at Cambridge as it was posted long ago but I do think it sums up the entertainment value perfectly. Nice rendition to an Elvis classic. One can imagine spending a carefree minute or three, watching and listening to this guy who allows you to forget about the world on your way to someplace in it. I hope he is sitting down in there not kneeling. More comfortable I think.


#SFist thinks this is one of the best street busks in San…

#SFist thinks this is one of the best street busks in San Francisco

they call him WORLD FAMOUS BUSHMAN, Is he world famous? Maybe now