Hong Kong and Lafayette street art culture clash

Hong Kong and Lafayette street art culture clash

Street art politics in the news   —

Two stories of creation and destruction of street art in Hong Kong and Lafayette. Played out for two different reasons.. But the questions being raised are the same.

Commentary ; Focus on culture and government  –

Everyone in Hong Kong China and Lafayette Indiana, asks, whose culture is it and who decides? Street art once again appears along vital social fault…

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USA heartbeat on the street – Amazing jam session

USA heartbeat on the street – Amazing jam session

Jimmy Kimmel takes a street music jam to the world wide stage  –
Can freedom of expression save the USA, “I Don’t Know”

A lot of political class media operatives raise a lot of money telling people the USA is divided. But now comes an example of spontaneous unlicensed collaboration. A citizen journalist, social media product, that may force a re-examination of that rhetoric, at least culturally.…

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