EmiSunshine latest big child busker since Bieber?

EmiSunshine latest big child busker since Bieber?

EmiSunshine releases busking video –
Rare musical talent springs forth from 9 year old girl –
She sings, plays guitar and composes songs with her family in Tennessee –

You have heard of Little Mary Sunshine perhaps. Now here comes little EmiSunshine. But this is no hokey, cutesy singing Tennessee homily wrapped up in a little girl costume. This is about the realest deal anyone has a right to…

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Beale Street Music Festival Tonight

Memphis celebrates it’s musical heritage tonight with the annual street music festival. The Wallflowers, Yngwie Malmsteen, Sheryl Crow and Hall and Oates tonight, among numerous other acts. The weather is going to be cold but unless it gets severe the show will go on.